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Visit PCS: Home Education to obtain a homeschool packet.

Local Organizations

General Information

  • A to Z Home's Cool - Homeschooling resources, starting with beginning to homeschool all the way through getting into college.
  • Excellent Quests - offers homeschooling families the tools needed to homeschool for excellence by showing you how to design your own curriculum, include technology in your homeschool, visit far away places right on your computer screen and many other adventures.
  • Florida Inclusive Home Education Network - Networking and resource sharing groups around Florida
  • Florida Homeschooling - Florida-specific resources and group information
  • Home Schooling Resources collected by the Florida Parent Educators Association to help parents home school their children.
  • Homeschool World - Online version of Practical Homeschooling Magazine
  • Homeschooling and Special Needs Children - Find out more information about homeschooling a special needs child or struggling learner.

Recommended Reading

Homeschooling essentials : a practical guide to getting started