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Computer Help!

Technology Classes at the Library

Meet with a friendly computer tech to work on your computer problems, learn how to use your e-reader, tablet, or mobile, and apply for government services. No appointments are necessary.

We Recommend...

Our most recommended resource is GCF Learn Free, which features clear and easy to understand career and computer training. Try their Excel classes.

Digital Learn has enaging video lessons. Acquire hands on experience and get feedback and quizzes from an interactive cartoon professor.

Are you new to computers? Try these sites.

New Computer User Tutorial
The very basics of what you're looking at from the mouse to the keyboard to your screen.
Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum
A structured computer basics course that awards a Digital Literacy Certficate when complete. It starts with an assessment of your skills then covers computer basics, using the Internet, using Microsoft Office, and computer security and privacy.
Wifi, Bandwidth and Speed
Wifi, bandwith and networks explained in lay terms
Computer Basics (GCF Learn Free)
Clear and easy to follow introduction to the parts of the computer
Our guide to creating a safe password you can remember
Creating a strong password

Learning to Use a Mouse

New to using the mouse, touchpad or trackball? These websites will improve your skills and build your confidence.
Mousing Around
Basic information about the mouse
Practice clicking and moving the mouse
Draw With Your Mouse
This allows you to draw lines with your mouse or touch pad, showing you how the mouse moves and helping you gain control.

Learn to Type & Use a Keyboard

Typing Lessons
A series of free typing lessons to improve your skills
Treasure Dive
A game designed to improve your typing skills; different skills levels are available.
Typing Web

All About E-Mail

Email Basics from GCF Learn Free
Email 101 | Gmail | Beyond Email | Outlook 2003 | Outlook 2010
Email Basics from Digital Learn
Email 101

Other Computing Skills

Highlighting, Copying, Cutting and Pasting
Cutting and pasting used to be something you did in kindergarten. Now, it's something you can do with words and images on your computer. Here's a tutorial on how to highlight and copy text.
Taking Screenshots
A screenshot is a picture of a screen, such as your computer screen, tablet, or mobile phone. Learn to capture screenshots on several different devices.
Digital Delight
Computing Tips from the Tampa Bay Library Consortium
Completing Forms Online

Using Microsoft Office

Tutorials, videos, and tips created by Microsoft
Microsoft's free training portal is good for both a comprehensive overview and for quick tips and tricks. Available for Office 2010, Office 2007, and Office for Mac 2011.
Printable Quick Reference Guides
for all MS Office products and many other Microsoft products
Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Privacy and Cyber-Security

How to Create a Secure Password That's Easy to Remember
This tip is great!
Daring Librarian's How to Create a Super Safe Password
A comic book style guide to creating safer passwords
Cybersecurity from USAA Educational Foundation
Trustworthy information on cybercrime, privacy, and staying safe online. We also offer these flyers in print at the library.
Stay Safe Online
Learn about malware, spam, hacked accounts, and securing your home network. Try out their tip sheets for quick pointers.
Cyber Safety: An Interactive Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet
Designed for kids but good for all ages, this site is full of good advice on cyber bullying, identity theft, and more.

Government Services

Listings of community assistance resources in the Tampa Bay Area. Citizens can find help and referral information to various support agencies on all topics of concern.  Apply for food stamps, get Medicaid or temporary cash assistance  Unemployment Compensation Claim your weeks for re-employment here  Contact elected federal officials  Federal Document Links Florida Department of Corrections  Hurricane Preparedness Information  Get Help Florida website
Pinellas Memory

Clearwater Sun Archive

Explore local history at Pinellas Memory, including historic newspapers, photographs, and documents. - online learning

Access the most powerful professional video learning library with your Clearwater library card. Topics include business management, coding, software, photography, graphic design, and more.

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Microsoft Word 2007

Word 2007
Word 2007 Basics
Word 2007
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