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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services/responsibilities of the City Manager?

The City Manager serves as the chief executive and administrative officer of the City. All department directors are appointed by and report to the City Manager. The City Manager, as a professional administrator, manages the operation of the assistance of two assistant City Managers.

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How is the City Manager appointed and how long does (s)he serve?

The Council shall appoint a City Manager by an affirmative vote of four Councilmembers. The City Manager shall hold office at the pleasure of the Council. The Council may remove the City Manager by an affirmative vote of four Councilmembers or a majority of the Councilmembers at two separate meetings held at least two weeks apart. Upon request by the City Manager, a public hearing will be held prior to a vote to remove the City Manager.

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Who is the current City Manager?

Bill Horne is the current City Manager.

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