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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City Attorney's Office provide free legal advice to citizens?

No. The City Attorney's Office represents and advises the Clearwater City Council, the City Manager, and City staff and departments. If you need legal advice, please contact a private attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, please contact either Gulfcoast Legal Services at (727) 443-0657; or the Pinellas County Legal Assistance Project at (727) 464-3267. Both of these programs provide free legal assistance to those qualified citizens who cannot afford an attorney.

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What are the main phone numbers for the Pinellas County Courthouse?

Pinellas County Courthouse: (727) 464-3000

  • Small Claims: (727) 464-3267
  • Misdemeanor: (727) 464-7000
  • Felony: (727) 464-6793
  • Juvenile: (727) 464-6793
  • Juvenile Arbitration Program: (727) 582-7400
  • Traffic: (727) 464-4846
  • Public Defender: (727) 464-6516
  • Pinellas County Jail: (727) 464-6415
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How do I contact the Pinellas County Attorney?

Pinellas County Attorney: (727) 464-3354.

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Where can I get information about criminal cases?

For questions about criminal cases call the State Attorney's Office at (727) 464-6221.

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Who handles landlord/tenant problems?

For landlord/tenant problems call (727) 464-8210.

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What is the number to get a copy of police reports in City of Clearwater?

For Police Reports within Clearwater: (727) 562-4242.

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What is the number for the law library?

Pinellas County Law Library: (727) 464-3411.

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How can I get copies of Clearwater and Pinellas County Ordinances?

Clearwater Code of Ordinances: (727) 562-4090.
Pinellas County Ordinances: (727) 464-3462.

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Who gives information regarding Florida Lawyers?

For questions or complaints about Florida attorneys, lawyer referral, and for other Florida courts and agencies, contact the Florida Bar Association:

(850) 561-5763
Toll free in Florida: (800) 342-8060
Within Clearwater: (727) 461-4880

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Where can I get information on Florida Cities and Counties?

Florida League of Cities

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Is there any way to locate information on other states, Federal Government agencies, Federal Courts, etc.?

U.S. Federal Government Agencies Locator

The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal

The Official Portal of the State of Florida

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Who can I contact for questions involving wages, including minimum wage, overtime, child labor, wage garnishment, medical leave, and migrant workers?

U.S. Department of Labor (Wages)

Tampa Office: (813) 288-1242

Please Note: This office does not handle questions about Social Security, the IRS, hiring, firing, benefits, or discriminatory practices.

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What number can I call if I want to check up on a business?

For information on local and out of town businesses, charities, investment opportunities, consumer/business disputes, consumer/business frauds, automobile problems, and dry cleaning problems contact the Better Business Bureau of West Florida, or call (727) 535-5522.

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Where can I find information regarding insurance in Florida?

For information on insurance questions or problems contact the Florida Department of Financial Service:

(850) 922-3100
Toll free in Florida: (800) 342-2762.

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