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Provisions of Automatic Gate Openers

Emergency access to gated developments:
Each new or existing residential development, access to which is limited by security gate or gates that are not attended on a 24-hour basis, shall install an emergency vehicle access system.

Emergency vehicle access system:
An emergency vehicle access system shall consist of an armored lock box that either contains a key or an electric switch to open the gate. The lock box shall be a cast metal or welded box unit, shall be manufactured to withstand severe weather conditions, and may be opened only by a non-reproducible key. The lock box shall be located on a sturdy post or other structure along the roadway so that the lock box is visible and accessible by the emergency vehicle driver of both sedan automobiles and/or fire/rescue units. The lock box and the location of the lock box must be approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

All gates shall be equipped with uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) or a manual override, which will permit the gate to be opened if the electrical power is interrupted.

Installation of Speed Bumps

The use of speeds bumps is discouraged by emergency agencies. Where it has been determined that speed bumps will be installed they shall have the following design characteristics. Minimum of a twenty-four inch (24") base with sloping falls from a maximum crest height of four inches (4"). An example of an approved cross section of an acceptable speed bump is included as an Attachment to these guidelines.

Designation of Fire Lanes

Fire lanes shall be marked with freestanding signs with the wording, "NO PARKING FIRE LANE BY ORDER OF THE FIRE DEPARTMENT" or similar wording. Such signs shall be 12 in. by 18 in. with a white background and red letters and shall be a maximum of seven feet in height from the roadway to the bottom part of the sign. The signs shall be within sight of the traffic flow and be a maximum of 60 feet part.