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How Do I Start A Walking School Bus Program?

Its easy. Contact Felicia Leonard, City of Clearwater, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator (727) 562-4852. She will assist you with the program. Parents, teachers, principals and neighbors can easily implement a Walking School Bus in their community. Here's how:

    1. Form a Walking School Bus Working Group

    2. These are the people who will get the bus rolling. Members might include parents, students, the school principal, teachers and local block club members. Recruit Walking School Bus Drivers. Get the word out among your friends and neighbors, particularly those with school children, that you are forming a Walking School Bus and need their help escorting groups of children to school.

    3. Place Maps

    4. Neighborhood maps will be placed at the school or other neighborhood place. Interested adults place a dot and sign their names next to where they live on street maps. Clusters of households are then identified and linked with one another.

    5. Designate Walking School Bus Routes

    6. Identify routes. Appropriate and enjoyable routes are mapped out. Many parents already know how best to get around their neighborhood on foot, but in some instances routes may need to be mapped out.

    7. Organize the Walking School Bus Drivers

    8. Work out a schedule among the drivers; determine who can walk with the students and when, both in the morning and afternoon.

    9. Promote the Walking School Bus Locally

Once you have drivers and routes available, let everyone in the neighborhood know what you are doing. The more participation, the better.