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Land Use & Urban Form

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Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not. The question is not whether your part of the world is going to change. The question is how.
- Edward T. McMahon

Land Use imageThe City of Clearwater's urban form was shaped during a period where energy was cheap and abundant and driving was the primary mode of transportation for most. This resulted in low-density, automobile-oriented development throughout the community. Clearwater is largely built out, and must rely on infill development, redevelopment, revitalization and reuse in order to continue to grow and prosper. Setting the stage for this type of growth requires different land development practices, transportation options and attitudes toward how we use and enjoy our community. There are plans to make major transit investments in the region over the next 25 years. Clearwater will be able to attract and serve location-efficient, transit-oriented development that will house new jobs, residents and businesses. In other parts of the city where significant change is not anticipated in the near future, buildings need to be maintained, repurposed or retrofitted to ensure jobs, goods and services are available throughout the community.

Future Population

The greater Clearwater area had a permanent resident population of more than 134,000 and workforce of more than 91,000 in 2006. Those are forecast to grow to more than 150,000 and 100,000 respectively by 2035. There will be demand for new, rehabilitated and repurposed residential and commercial buildings to accommodate this growth over the next 25 years.


Having housing choice and availability, creating a jobs-to-housing balance, linking neighborhoods to where residents work, shop, and play, and developing cost-affordable and efficient patterns of living are all important features of sustainability and overall quality of life in Clearwater. Over 10,000 new dwelling units will be needed in the next 25 years to accommodate growth in population and replacement of some existing housing stock within the Clearwater area.

Land Availability And Use

Map of land availability

The map above shows the areas of Clearwater that are planned for medium and high density land uses. Commercial corridors and the downtown provide the best opportunities to accommodate new growth.

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