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Infrastructure & Environmental Restoration

Image of hurricane damage
Damage to power lines and roads in Naverre Beach, FL following Hurricane Dennis (2005)

The Infrastructure & Environmental Restoration topic includes the following issues:

  • Transportation repair/mitigation/improvement
  • Commercial and passenger transport restoration (rail and bus)
  • Airport restoration
  • Potable water, sewer, stormwater repair/mitigation/ improvement
  • Coordination with power, natural gas and telecom company restoration efforts
  • Solid waste and debris management
  • Public facility repair/mitigation
  • Coastal/waterway debris removal/pollution
  • Hazardous materials and debris contaminants
  • Wetland and beach restoration
  • Environmental review of temporary sites
  • Post-disaster management of domestic and wild animals
  • Mitigation of natural resource loss
  • Repairing, replacing, modifying or relocating infrastructure in  the Coastal Storm Area
  • Recreation/cultural activities restoration