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Image of hurricane damage
Damage from Hurricane Katrina winds (2005), Broward County, Florida

Clearwater is a coastal community susceptible to wind and flood damage, as well as a host of other potential disasters, both natural and human made. Florida’s Growth Management Act, Chapter 163, Part II, Florida Statues (F.S.) recommends that coastal communities prepare PDRPs.

There are three primary reasons for creating a PDRP under blue skies.

1. Faster and more efficient recovery

Without a long-term recovery plan, ad hoc efforts in the aftermath of a significant disaster will delay the return of community stability. Creating a process to make smart post-disaster decisions and prepare for long-term recovery requirements enables Clearwater to do more than react.

2. Opportunity to Build Back Better

A disaster, while tragic, can also create opportunities to fix past mistakes or leap forward with plans for community improvement. Without a guiding vision, short-term decisions may inadvertently restrict long-term, sustainable redevelopment. Under blue skies, local officials and the public can thoughtfully analyze and debate issues, linking redevelopment goals with other important community plans.

3. Local Control Over Recovery

A PDRP will show outside agencies and donors that the community is prepared to play an active role in the recovery process and promote its capabilities to wisely use donated and loaned resources.