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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I have observed a City Survey Crew working in my neighborhood. What are they doing?

A: City Survey crews will work from a vehicle, which identifies the City on the side of the vehicle. The surveyors will generally be gathering field information for a future City Improvement or maintenance for the start of a construction project. Contact the City of Clearwater Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750 for further information.

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Q: How can my company become approved to perform construction work for the City?

A: Contact the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750 for further information regarding pre-qualification to bid City construction projects.

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Q: Where can I obtain a copy of construction plans and specifications?

A: These can be obtained from the Engineering Department, Room #220 in the Municipal Services Building, 100 South Myrtle Avenue. Prospective bidders must be pre-qualified to submit a bid to the City.

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Q: Are the streets in my neighborhood being scheduled for resurfacing?

A: Streets are scheduled for resurfacing based upon need and available funding. The City has instituted a Pavement Management Program that includes a database of all streets and their condition. The database has been used to devise a five-year plan for resurfacing base upon available funding. The plan will be updated regularly to provide a long term program for street resurfacing. Contact the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750, or at the Municipal Services Building located at 100 S. Myrtle Avenue for further information.

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Q: What are the colored marks in the street and parkway?

A: The colored marks represent the location of both public and private underground utilities. The color codes are:

  • Blue - water mains and service lines
  • Green - sanitary sewers and lateral lines
  • Yellow - gas
  • Red - electrical power lines
  • Orange - telephone and TV cable lines

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Q: Who do I contact if I plan an excavation?

A: The State of Florida requires that all underground utilities be located prior to any excavation to prevent damage. The City often has these utilities marked in preparation of construction plans. Underground utilities are always located in advance of construction requiring excavation. Call (727) 562-4750 for information.

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Q: Where do I get information about connecting to sanitary sewer service?

A: Call Planning & Development Services at (727) 562-4567 with the street address or description of your property to determine if it is within the municipal limits of Clearwater or within some other governmental jurisdiction.

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Q: How can I find out the locations of my sanitary sewer lines?

A: The City does not keep this information, but we can tell you if the sanitary sewer connection is in the front or rear yard. Either you or a plumber will have to determine its location. Please contact Planning & Development Services at (727) 562-4567 for more information.

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Q: If I have a sanitary sewer problem, what should I do?

A: First, call a licensed plumbing company to identify location and extent of problem. If stoppage is found in the City's sewer main and/or those laterals for which the City is responsible, the plumber should call the City for an emergency crew.

When city crew arrives, it will verify that problem is a City problem and will make all necessary repairs.

Following the action by the City to repair the sewer, the plumber submits a bill to the property owner with the date, address, location and nature of the stoppage and license certificate number. When you receive the bill from the plumber, the City will reimburse you. The stoppage must be verified as the City's responsibility by the City.

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Q: Where do I get information about connecting to water service?

A: Contact the Planning & Development Services at (727) 562-4567 or visit the Planning & Development Services Department at the Municipal Services Building, 100 S. Myrtle Ave., for information on availability and costs of service extension.

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Q: How can I find out the location of my water service line?

A: The city does not keep this information. However, your water service line must come from the water meter serving your property. Look for the water meter box on the perimeter of your property. Your service line will generally run in a direct route from the meter to your residence.

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Q: Is the City planning to serve my neighborhood with reclaimed water?

A: Contact the Public Utilities Department, Water Division at (727) 562-4960 for specific planning and scheduling information.

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