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Subdivision Index
City Subdivision Name Number Code PB-Pg CondoPB-Pg Atlas Page
City1NumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
L1601 South Highland82259 -102-62323A
C18514 U.S. 19 N., A Condo25385 -113-34317B
City2NumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
C2087 Edgewater Drive92738 -85-39251A
City3NumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
IE333 Island Way90615 -45-72267B
City4NumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CB440 West Condo29246 -22-27276A
City5NumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
IE51 Island Way27822 -30-38267B
City6NumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
IE610 Island Way82257 -96-117258B
IE650 Island Way82255 -101-79258B
City8NumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
C800 Professional Center25390 -88-82280B
CityANumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CA13 Medical Center Commercial Condo00104 -150-1212A
C/PCAcker's Subdivision00036 30-91-212A
CAiken Subdivision00108 14-45-287A
CAlbertson's Sub.00247 98-65-306B
PCAlcove Mobile Home Community00274 MHP --272A
CAlexander At Countryside 140-92-221A 232A
CAlpine Condo00683 --252A
CAlpine Road Condo00703 -81-14252A
CAmbleside 1st Add'n00900 61-8-279B
CAmbleside 2nd Add'n00903 64-17-270B 279B
PCAntietam Acres01260 63-5-262A
PCArbor Lake Est01329 95-54-242B
PCArchwood Subdivision01440 49-42-317A 317B
CArdmore Place Replat of01476 25-56-306B
CAshland Heights01654 92-64-179A
CAvalon of Clearwater, The Condo01824 --296A 306A
CAvondale Subdivision01926 7-40-260A 269A
CAzalea Woods01989 -48-33188B
CAzalea Woods II01991 -74-66188B
CityBNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
PCBaeha Subdivision02178 57-66-316B
CBamboo Replat02538 29-42-298B
CBamboo Subdivision02520 28-75-298B
CBarbara Leon02573 89-26-291B
CBBarbour Morrow02592 23-45-267A
CBarco, Sue02718 1-26-277B
PCBarnes Subdivision02772 11-3-322A
CBarnes, Wm. N.02808 4-76-305B
C/PCBarrett Manor02844 45-84-254A
CBaskins Replat A Resub03006 24-42-300A 300B
CBaskins Replat H. H.02988 23-59-274A
CBass, B. C.03042 9-119-306A
CBassedena03060 6-26-287A
CBay Aristocrat03290 MHP --318A 318B
C/PCBay Breeze MHP --300B
CBBay Esplanade at Clearwater Beach Condo03436 -134-11258A
CBBay Esplanade Condo03432 -36-1258A
CBBay Harbor Condo03496 --276A
CBay Heights03546 11-115-300B
IEBay Island Condo Island Estates03605 -11-87267B
CBay Terrace & Add'n05220 13-22-251A
CBay Terrace No. 205238 29-13-251A
CBay Terrace No. 305256 29-14-251A
C/PCBay View City Sub.05292 9-43-292A
C/PCBay View, McMullens53892 H6-23-301A
C/PCBay View, Myron A. Smiths83106 25-57-301A
C/PCBay View, Wm. Browns12312 H1-13-300B
CBayedge Terrace03429 69-66-292A
C/PBayshore Townhouses04902 119-33-292A
CBBayside Condo04909 -47-107285A
CBBayside No. 204932 27-32-276A
CBBayside No. 304950 27-74-276A
CBBayside No. 404968 32-68-276A
CBBayside No. 4 Unit A04986 36-57-276A
CBBayside No. 505004 38-38-276A
CBBayside No. 6 Unit A05022 51-48-285A 285B
CBBayside No. 6 Unit B05040 55-17-285A
CBBayside No. 6 Unit C05058 55-19-285B
CBBayside Shores05076 58-12-285A 285B
CBBayside Sub., Replat04914 23-18-276A
CBayside Townhomes05155 136-73-292A
C/PCBayside Trailer Gardens MHP --300B
C/PCBayview Bluff05310 33-53-283A
CBayview Bluff Tract No. 105311 109-49-283A
CBayview Condo Clearwater05320 --277B
CBayview Heights05454 3-6-268B
CBayview Heights 1st Add'n05472 8-32-268B269A
C/PCBayview Terrace Blocks 2 & 305508 12-63-292A
CBBayway Shores05649 -58-64285A
CBBayway Townhomes05651 127-15-285A
CBBeach Place Motel05928 -65-13276A
PCBeach, H. L.05922 7-13-322A
CBeckett Lake Est.06115 65-94-253B
CBBel Crest06286 -92-70285A
PCBel-Keene06336 53-34-315B
C/PCBel-Keene 1st Add06354 58-38-315B
CBelcal Commercial Condo06214 -132-32262B
CBelcher and Nursery Development06219 124-33-317A
CBelcher Bayway06220 120-4-262B
CBelcher Oaks06270 -96-57280B
CBelcher Point06285 94-64-263A
PCBell-Cheer06408 30-60-308B
PCBell-Cheer, 1st Add06426 33-54-308B
PCBell-Cheer, 2nd Add06444 33-70-308B
SKBella Rosa Condo06367 -133-50303B
CBella Vita Condo06373 -80-20290A
CBBelle Aqua Villas I06445 127-70-276A
CBBelle Aqua Villas II06446 127-73-276A
CBBelle Harbor06448 125-15-258A 267A
CBBelle Harbor Condo06449 -136-19258A 267A
PCBelle Haven Sub.07218 25-52-210B
PCBelle Haven Unit A07236 25-59-210B
PCBelle Haven Unit B07254 25-60-210B
PCBelle Haven Unit B Replat07272 27-12-210B
PCBelle Haven Unit D07308 26-124-210B 221B
CBelleair Commons06719 128-4-317B
PCBelleair Grove06894 45-22-316A
PCBelleair Grove 1st Add06912 46-5-316A
CBelleair Highlands06948 5-98-313B
CBelleair Highlands, 1st Add'n to06966 5-98-313B
PCBelleair Lane06984 63-9-316A
LBelleair Park Estates07092 63-39-315A
PCBelleair Preserve07132 124-35-317A
BBelleair Replat06480 19-87-305B
PCBelleair Terrace07146 51-6-323A
CBelleair Village07154 121-63-322A
CBelleair Village Condo07155 -136-85316B
CBellegreen Place07204 98-60-322A
BBelleview Biltmore Villas Baygreen Condo07346 -11-28305A
CBelleview Court07362 10-43-313B
C/PCBellrose Park07848 59-63-315B
PCBelmont Sub 1st Add07920 6-27-322A
CBelmont Sub 2nd Add07938 6-88-314A
PCBelmont Sub.07902 5-93-322A
CBelmont Trailer Park MHP --322A
CBelvedere Apts. Co-Op07940 CO-OP --277B
CBergens Replat08262 26-41-277B
CBethel Lutheran Church08323 108-99-190A
CBetty Drew Apts.08354 CO-OP --278B
CBetty Lane Heights08370 30-98-260B
CBetty Lane Heights 2nd Add'n08388 36-29-260B
CBeverly Heights08460 27-59-297B
PCBeverly Terrace08514 41-69-309A
CBidwell's G.L. Oakwood Sub.08622 1-46-277B
BBidwells Wildwood Park08640 3-49-313B
BBiltmore Replat08910 23-8-305A
PCBlackacre Sub.09045 62-73-317A
C/PCBlackburn Sub.09072 24-62-254B
CBlackshire Est.09126 54-31-261B
CBlackshire Est. Replat09144 57-83-261B
CBlish, F. T.09252 1-27-277B
PCBlue Jay Mobile Home Estates Condo09419 -23-78167A
CBluff View Court, C.P. Snells Lots 1-3609450 1-69-305B
CBluff View, C.P. Snells Lots 1-3009432 3-53-295B
CBon Air Sub.10044 5-77-278A
CBonair Hill No. 210098 29-47-270A
CBonair Hill No. 310116 34-19-270A
CBonair Hill No. 410134 29-79-270A
C/PCBonair Hill Sub.10080 26-108-270A
SHBonita Vista10188 7-68-275A
CBooth, R. J. Sub.10314 9-22-287A
CBordeaux Estates10341 78-25-283A
CBoulevard Heights10476 7-54-288A
CBoulevard Pines10566 10-70-297A
CBoulevard Trailer Park MHP --290A
CBoylan Sub.10620 30-27-306B
CBoylan Sub. 1st Add10638 33-6-306B
CBraeloch Village, Phase I, II, IV10730 -43-51200A
CBraeloch Village, Phase III10730 -47-92200A
CBraeside Place10758 85-77-275A
CBreeze Hill10854 13-66-297A
CBrentwood Estates10926 59-28-261A
CBrentwood Estates 1st Add'n10944 60-17-261A
SHBriar Creek Mobile Home Community I11151 -24-94190B
SHBriar Creek Mobile Home Community II11152 -42-86190B
SHBriarwood11157 83-36-190B
CBricour Terrace11205 122-29-296A
PCBridgeport Est.11280 84-83-212B
CBrigadoon of Clearwater11404 91-35-282A 282B
CBrightwater Blue Townhomes 141-1-276A
CBBrightwater Cove No. 211490 129-61-276A
CBBrightwater On The Bay11485 -46-94276A
CBBrightwater Point Condo11495 -144-83276A
CBBrightwater Townhomes11488 126-65-276A
PCBrookfield Sub.11871 71-85-199B
PCBrookfield Unit 111872 111-47-199B
PCBrookfield Unit 211873 113-36-199B
CBrookhill Terrace11880 49-14-315A
CBrookhill Unit 111898 39-41-314B
CBrookhill Unit 211916 41-43-314B
CBrookhill Unit 311934 44-53-314B
CBrookhill Unit 411952 49-7-306B 314B
CBrookhill Unit 4 Replat11970 51-37-306B
CBrookhill Unit 511988 57-23-306B
CBrookhill Unit 612006 58-77-306B
CBrookhill Unit 712024 59-40-314B
CBrookhill Unit 812042 60-14-314B
C/PCBrooklawn Sub.12060 13-59-251B
CBrookside Sub.12096 31-11-298A
CBrookwood Terrace Revised12276 8-34-287B
CBrown's Bayview, Wm.12312 H1-13-300B
CBrown's Court12330 10-58-287A
CBruhn's, F. Sub12438 11-63-269A
CBryn Mawr at Countryside II Phase 112641 -74-19211A
CBryn Mawr at Countryside II Phase 212641 -90-62211A
CBryn Mawr at Countryside Phase 112640 -46-37211A
CBryn Mawr at Countryside Phase 212640 -53-113211A
CBrynwood Condo 112645 -21-56200A
CBuena Vista Sub.12726 8-2-268B
CBypass Park12932 92-2-299B
CityCNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CC & L Properties12935 109-63-289B
SKCabana Club12936 -77-42311B
PCCambridge Greens12992 -80-32323A
CCamelot Oaks12993 -91-106295A
CCampus Walk13141 95-66-290B
C/PCCanterbury Heights13158 49-16-308B
CCanterbury Oaks Office Park Condo13159 -139-70298B
CBCapri Motel Condo13373 -48-7258A
CCapri Trailer Park MHP --255A
CBCarlouel Sub.13464 20-60-238A
C/PCCarlton Terrace13536 41-16-264A
C/PCCarlton Terrace1st Add'n13554 43-39-264A
CCarmel of Bryn-Mawr13566 -108-44211A
CCarmel of Bryn-Mawr13566 -102-81211A
CCarmin Sub.13581 82-76-297A
CCarolina Terrace13662 12-15-314A
CCarolina Terrace Annex13680 12-30-314A
CCarriage View13707 -35-8307A
PCCasa Colina Sub.14040 11-12-260B
PCCasa Del Sol Alhambra14053 -65-73199B
PCCasa Del Sol Barcelona14057 -79-38199B
PCCasa Del Sol Cadiz14056 -71-110199B
PCCasa Del Sol Madrid14059 -80-35199B
CCash, W. S. Sub.14166 9-130-306A
CCassell's, Resub.14256 11-21-296A
CCastle Woods14288 87-13-264B
CCates, A. B. & Jennie14310 1-64-277B
CBCay at Clearwater Beach Condominium, The14335 -119-78258A
CCaylor's Sub.85806 5-3-296A
CCedar Grove Unit I14347 76-86-253A
CCedar Grove Unit II14348 76-87-253A
CCedar Heights14351 81-85-253A
C/PCCentral Park Resub.14616 16-85-289B
CBChalets on White Sands Condo14719 -137-24258A
CCharter Oaks14853 79-30-253B
CChateau Woods14882 84-26-317A
CChateaux De Ville14902 89-8-317B
CChateaux Woods Condo14905 -43-7178B
CChautauqua Lake Estates14965 128-39-233A 244A
CChautauqua on the Lake, Unit 2 Section A14940 9-146-233A
PCChautauqua on the Lake, Unit 3 Section A14940 9-146-244A
C/PCChautauqua Unit 1 Section A14922 9-52-233A 244A
CChautauqua Unit 1 Section B14976 9-57-232B
C/PCChautauqua Unit 5 Section A14958 18-61-244A
CChelsea West15006 99-66-244A
CChelsea Woods15004 94-43-244B
CChelsea Woods II15005 96-86-244B
CChesapeake Villas15074 70-42-292A
LChesterfield Heights15084 43-42-322B
LChesterfield Heights 1st Add'n15102 44-55-323A
LChesterfield Heights 2nd Add'n15120 46-22-323A
CChestnut Court15160 83-31-296A
CChestnut Court Condo15165 -92-62296A
C/PCCitrus Heights Manor15534 41-33-242A
C/PCCitrus Heights Manor 1st Add'n15552 47-29-242A
CBCity Park Sub.15606 23-37-267A
C/PCCleardun Sub.15840 13-47-251B
C/PCClearview Heights15966 46-34-323A
CClearview Lake Est.16010 66-37-252B
CClearwater 19 Commerce Park16510 95-1-282A
CBClearwater Beach Park16398 10-42-267A
CBClearwater Beach Park 1st Add Replat16434 21-21-267A
CBClearwater Beach Park 1st Add'n16416 15-80-267A
CBClearwater Beach Revised Map16362 11-5-258A 267A
CBClearwater Beach Revised Map Resub16380 19-96-267A
CClearwater Cemetery 2nd Add'n 60-29-305B
CClearwater Cemetery Add'n 20-70-305B
CClearwater Cemetery Blk. "A" 57-86-305B
CClearwater Cemetery Replat of Blk. 12 50-33-305B
CClearwater Collection Second Replat16442 107-25-281B
CClearwater Country Club Estates Condo16440 -113-27279A
CClearwater Estates16448 127-18-315A
C/PCClearwater Highlands Unit A16452 28-95-261A
C/PCClearwater Highlands Unit B16470 30-29-261A
C/PCClearwater Industrial Park16488 44-46-262B271B
CClearwater Industrial Park Replat16489 71-91-262B
CClearwater Mall16500 125-21-300A
CClearwater Mall Phase II16503 131-23-300A
C/PCClearwater Manor16506 41-66-263A
CClearwater Medical Arts16509 -74-100307A
CBClearwater Point #116515 -3-82285B
CBClearwater Point #216517 -4-65285B
CBClearwater Point #316519 -6-3285B
CBClearwater Point #416520 -7-2285B
CBClearwater Point #516521 -10-21285B
CBClearwater Point #716522 -20-3285B
CBClearwater Point #8 Reformed16525 -102-24285B
CClearwater Point Townhouse16523 69-50-285A
CClearwater Retail16530 124-92-296A
SKClearwater Sand Key Club #116526 -19-21311B
CClearwater Shores Inc.16524 16-42-300A
CClearwater Tower16528 104-81-286B
CClearwater Travel Resort Trailer Park MHP --291B
Clearwater Village Phase One16532 126-6-251B
Clearwater Village Phase One-A16533 135-6-251B
CClearwater Villas One & Two16534 125-56-296A 306A
CCleveland Grove Block 616704 1-6-306B
CCleveland Grove Block 716722 1-7-306B
CCleveland Plaza Commercial Corner16731 120-99-287B
CCleveland St. Add'n16740 5-76-287A
CClifton's Manor16749 64-79-308B
CClubhouse Estates of Countryside Unit 116798 75-60-200A
CClubhouse Estates of Countryside Unit 216799 76-9-200A
CClubhouse Estates of Countryside Unit 316800 76-42-189A 200A
CClubhouse Estates of Countryside Unit 416801 77-16-189A 200A
CClubhouse Estates of Countryside Unit 516802 77-37-189A
CCoach Trailer Park MHP --317B
CCoachman Condominium16810 -70-17280B
CCoachman Creek16809 -36-88273A
CCoachman Heights Replat16830 20-26-287A
PCCoachman Hill Estates16835 75-90-272A
PCCoachman Hill Preserve16840 121-92-272A
PCCoachman Lake Est.16848 62-26-263A 263B
PCCoachman Lake Est. Add'n16851 62-75-263A 263B
CCoachman Reserve Condo Phase 116855 -147-4280B
CCoachman Ridge Tract A-I16860 83-62-263B
CCoachman Ridge Tract A-II16862 87-57-272A
CCoachman Ridge Tract A-III16863 88-73-263A
CCoachman, E. H., Property of16812 6-56-277B
CColdstream Condo Revised17135 -93-116287B
CCollege Hill Est.17253 64-44-281A
CCollege Hill Park17256 66-14-263A
CCollege Hill Park Unit I17258 67-19-263A
CCollege Park17261 67-83-263A
CCollege Park Unit II17264 69-87-263A
PCColonial Isle17343 -34-1323A
CColonial Village Park17519 124-41-292A
CBColony Surf17535 -68-49258A
CBColumbia No. 217586 21-79-276A
CBColumbia No. 317604 27-46-276A
CBColumbia No. 417622 27-50-276A
CBColumbia No. 517640 31-16-276A
CBColumbia Replat Lot 3 Blk. "B"17568 26-75-276A
CBColumbia Sub.17550 23-60-276A
CContinental Square office17868 -59-32288A
CBContinental Towers17865 -6-8285A
CCoral Cove18091 92-31-290A
CBCoral Motel18135 -42-114267A
BCorbett Prop. of M.J.18144 6-74-305A
CCosta Verde18367 132-38-221A 232A
CCountry Club Add'n18414 20-12 -278A 278B
CCountry Club Add'n New59796 20-64-278A
CCountry Club Estates Replat of 25-518450 25-43-278B
CCountry Club Townhomes 137-16-287B
C/PCCountry Lane Sub.18630 43-65-273B
PCCountry Living Estates18631 78-28-307B
CCountry Oaks Sub18624 99-52-317A
SHCountry Villas18639 77-21-201B
SHCountry Villas Unit 218652 79-80-201B
PCCountrybrook Condo. 518650 -70-96178B
CCountrypark18626 74-69-233B
CCountryplace Village61629 88-33-233A
CCountryside Fun18667 90-28-189A
PCCountryside Pines Replat18696 107-67-210B
CCountryside Tract 518634 78-57-188B
CCountryside Tract 6 Replat18636 78-11-188B
CCountryside Tract 718642 78-64-188B
CCountryside Tract 8 Unit 118638 78-23-189A
CCountryside Tract 8 Unit 218641 78-49-189A
CCountryside Tract 918640 78-47-189A
CCountryside Tract 55 Unit 118643 80-16-189B
CCountryside Tract 55 Unit 218655 80-74-178B 189B
CCountryside Tract 56 Unit 118644 80-33-178B 189B
CCountryside Tract 56 Unit 218645 80-36-189A 189B
CCountryside Tract 5718646 79-10-178B 189B
CCountryside Tract 5818647 80-30-178A
CCountryside Tract 6018658 80-78-178B
CCountryside Tract 90 Phase 118683 82-57-178A
CCountryside Tract 92/93 Phase II, III & Tract 94 Phase II, III18689 87-6-178A
CCountryside Tract 93 Phase I18690 86-62-178A
CCountryside Tract 94 Phase I18691 86-65-178A
CCountryside Two18651 -78-110221A
CCountryside Village Square18686 92-7-221B
CCountryside West Medical Clinic Professional Condo18679 -144-86190A
CCountryside Woods Townhouses18687 96-17-178B
CCourt Executive Center Replat18685 -103-45297A
CCourt Square18648 5-53-286B
CCourt St. Condo18688 -42-19287A
CCourt Street Townhomes18697 130-33-287A
SKCrescent Beach Club 118791 -89-61303B
SKCrescent Beach Club 218793 -104-61303B
CCrest Lake Park Sub.18972 23-9-288A
CCrest Lake Sub.18954 10-49-288A
CCrest, The18973 95-72-245A
PCCrestview Ridge19188 29-108-307B
CCriterion Centre Ph 119340 -44-50188B
PCCrossings, The Ph 119683 -101-59199B
C/PCCrystal Heights19926 28-1-292A
C/PCCrystal Heights Unit I19944 28-64-292A
PCCurlew City20106 51-19-166B 177B
PCCurlew City Replat20124 63-11-166B 177B
PCCurlew City 1st Add20115 69-76-166B 177B
PCCurlew Groves Unit I20133 70-22-166B 167A
PCCurlew Groves Unit II20134 72-81-166B 167A
IECutter Cove Condo Ph 220194 -114-39267B
CCVS - Gulf to Bay - Clearwater20182 124-74-290A
CCypress Bend of Countryside Unit I20200 76-10-222A
CCypress Bend of Countryside Unit II20201 76-67-222A
CCypress Point Shopping Center20204 87-80-233A
PCCypress Point Unit I20203 86-35-242B
PCCypress Point Unit II20202 74-73-242B
SHCypress Trace North20209 -68-28245A
SHCypress Trace North Ph 1920209 -77-16245A
SHCypress Trace North Ph 2020209 -75-75245A
PCCypress Trace Phase 120212 -73-95245A
CCypressview Professional Center20215 -78-46232B
CityDNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
SKDan's Island On Sand Key - 160020262 -84-94311B
SKDan's Island On Sand Key - 166020262 -90-15311B
SKDan's Island On Sand Key - 166020262 -60-93311B
PCDaniels & Sauder20304 63-21-308A
CDaniels, Janie20286 5-23-287A
CDarryl's Sub.20345 84-78-232B
CDavey, John R.20358 H1-87-286B
CDavis, P.J. Replat20452 103-53-306A
CDel Oro Estates20790 46-29-283A
C/PCDel Oro Gardens20808 45-74-283A
CDel Oro Groves20826 12-2-283B
CDel Oro Groves 1st Add20828 69-56-274B
CDel Oro Heights20844 54-12-274B
CDel Oro Place20845 92-62-283B
PCDellwood Heights20736 10-15-274A
IEDiamond Isle Condo21087 -24-13258B
PCDiane Heights Replat21092 90-5-264A
PCDixie Sub.21600 9-80-245A
CDocks at Bellagio Condo, The21740 -130-1318A
IEDolphin Apartments21807 -2-96267B
IEDolphin Cove21810 -20-56267B
IEDolphin Point21813 -36-76267B
IEDolphin's Landing21819 -116-38267B
CDon Pablo's Nursery Road21858 118-31-318A
PCDouglas Manor22140 36-28-307B 315B
PCDouglas Manor Estates22194 40-45-316A
PCDouglas Manor Estates 1st Addition22212 43-61-316A
PCDouglas Manor Estates 2nd Addition Unit "A"22230 47-23-316A
PCDouglas Manor Estates 2nd Addition Unit "B"22248 49-75-316A
C/PCDouglas Manor First Addition22158 44-18-315B
C/PCDouglas Manor Lake22266 37-99-315B
PCDouglas Manor Park22284 53-19-308A
PCDouglas Manor Park 1st Add'n22302 54-91-308A
PCDouglas Manor Second Addition22176 47-8-315B
C/PCDowning Sub.22410 26-79-292A
C/PCDowning Sub. 1st Add'n22428 62-37-292A
CDowntown Lofts22432 128-25-287A
PCDraughonland22446 11-59-322A
CDrew Crest22464 37-56-287B
CDrew Crest Apts. Co-Op22466 CO-OP --287B
CDrew Garden Apts. No. 1 Co-Op22468 CO-OP --287B
CDrew Garden Apts. No. 2 Co-Op22470 CO-OP --287B
CDrew Gardens22467 94-18-282A
CDrew Heights22482 11-101-280A
CDrew Manor22500 49-3-279B
CDrew Manor Professional Offices Condo22501 -57-31279B
CDrew Office Park Condo, Phase 122510 -40-72281A
CDrew Office Park Condo, Phase 222511 -46-118281A
CDrew Park22518 3-40-278A
CDrew Professional Park Commercial Condo22519 -130-80281A
CDrew Ridge Co-Op22520 CO-OP --287B
CDrew Street Industrial Park22530 109-48-289B
CDrew Terrace22536 48-20-279B
CDruhill Prof Center22620 -65-121295B
Druhill Prof Center Phase 122620 -82-87295B
Druhill Prof Center Phase 222620 -82-91295B
Druhill Prof Center Phase 322620 -65-125295B
Druhill Prof Center Phase 422620 -75-9295B
Druhill Prof Center Phase 522620 -79-105295B
Druhill Prof Center Phase 7A22620 -65-127295B
Druhill Prof Center Phase 7B22620 -71-71295B
CDruid Acres22626 33-89-298A
CDruid Acres 1st Add'n22644 35-66-298A
CDruid Acres 2nd Add'n22662 39-74-298A
CDruid Estates22680 35-62-296B
CDruid Groves22698 15-46-297A
CDruid Groves Replat22716 46-1-297A
CDruid Groves Revised Replat22734 53-44-297A
CDruid Heights22752 24-64-296B
CDruid Hills22770 10-52-297A
CDruid Manor22788 40-81-298A
CDruid Oaks22789 121-7-299B
CDruid Oaks Condo Phase 122790 -53-43299A
Druid Oaks Condo Phase 222790 -58-85299A
Druid Oaks Condo Phases 3-622790 -53-47299A
CDruid Park22824 39-71-298B
BDruid Place22806 26-122-305A
CDuncan Court22896 59-82-314A
CDuncan's Resub of E 1/2 of NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec. 2222968 5-26-314A
CDuncan's Resub of W 1/2 of NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec. 2222986 5-26-314A
CDuncan's Resub of W 1/2 of Se 1/4 of Sw 1/4 Sec. 2222932 5-70-314A
PCDunedin Industrial Park23282 64-76-221A
C/PCDunromin Sub.23598 30-93-317A
CityENumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CEagle Estates23638 74-40-200B
CEagle Estates Warren Replat I23639 98-28-200B
CEagles Glen23692 -54-68189B
Eagles Glen Phase 423692 -70-85189B
Eagles Glen Phase 523692 -54-71189B
Eagles Glen Phase 723692 -54-73189B
CEagles Landing Condo - Phase 123644 -43-73200B
Eagles Landing Condo - Phase 223644 -46-18200B
Eagles Landing Condo - Phase 323644 -43-78200B
CEagles Landing Condo II - Phase 1, 6, 8, 11 & Rec23645 -55-101189B
Eagles Landing Condo II - Phase 2 & 523645 -69-78189B
Eagles Landing Condo II - Phase 423645 -60-15189B
Eagles Landing Condo II - Phase 723645 -71-88189B
Eagles Landing Condo II - Phase 923645 -77-96189B
Eagles Landing Condo II - Phase 1023645 -72-13189B
CEarl Scheib Commercial Center78880 74-22-296A
CEarll & Tates23814 H1-20-286B
CEast Druid Estates23886 40-12-298B
CEast Druid Estates Addition23904 45-1-298B
CEast Druid Park23922 61-67-298B
BEastleigh23931 67-62-313B
BEastover Revised24030 14-27-305A
PCEastwood Terrace24210 45-3-290A
PCEastwood Terrace 1st Add'n24228 52-1-290A
C/PCEastwood Terrace 2nd Add'n24246 52-49-290A
C/PCEastwood Terrace 3rd Add'n24264 51-65-290A
CEden Court24291 64-88-316A
CEdenville Sub.24660 35-97-299B
CEdgewater Townhomes25208 129-85-251A
PCEdgewood Manor25236 37-36-242B
CEdwards Condo25353 -38-101252A
C/PCEhle Sub.25362 28-39-264A
CEldorado25470 14-66-314B
CEldridge J. J.25542 H1-85-268B
CEldridge Town House25560 60-87-277B
PCElinor Park Estates25596 54-86-242B
CElks, The25622 95-90-255A
CElysium Phase 125723 93-41-244B
PCEmerald Hill Estates25794 46-18-307B
CEncore Senior Living III, L.L.C.25836 122-11-313B
CEnghurst Addition to Clearwater25920 1-23-268B
CEnghurst Addition No. 225956 3-46-268B
CEnghurst, 1st Add'n25938 1-23-268B
CEnnis, Alfred25992 19-75-314A
PCEstancia Phase I26150 -48-95199B
Estancia Phase II26150 -70-57199B
PCEstancia Professional Park26151 -80-48199B
PCEstancia Townhomes26137 93-13-199B
CEuropa of Countryside26390 -75-117233A
CEvergreen Village26533 118-96-287B
CEwing Place26534 129-30-287A
CityFNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CF.F.T.S.26540 87-17-289B
CFair Lane Add'n26658 11-16-287B
CFair Oaks26964 41-34-298A
CFair Oaks 1st Add26982 44-56-298A
CFair Oaks 2nd Add27000 47-49-308A
CFair Oaks 3rd Add27018 52-38-308A
CFair Oaks 4th Add27036 54-44-308B
CFair Oaks 5th Add27054 62-18-308A
CFairburn Add'n26550 12-18-269B
CFairmont Sub.26892 9-85-269A
CFairview Add'n27090 5-85-287B
CFairwood Forest27442 84-28-282A
CFar Horizons Mobile Park MHP --317B
CFeather Tree27520 101-74-280A
CFeatherwood27521 105-28-292A
PCFernbrook27795 79-72-256A
PCFitzgerald Countryside Motors Inc.27940 113-88-199B
CBFive Palms Motel Condo27942 -73-69258A
C/PCFloradel28098 15-7-251B
CFlorida Convalescent Centers28284 97-24-179A
CFloridena28674 9-34-251A 251B
CFloridena Replat of Lot 3, Blk A28692 26-13-251A
CForest Wood Estates29061 69-17-256A 265A
CForest Wood Estates 1st Add29062 70-78-256A
CForrest Hill Estates Unit 128980 52-9-307A
CForrest Hill Estates Unit 328998 54-25-307A
CForrest Hill Estates Unit 429016 57-3-307A
CForrest Hill Estates Unit 529034 58-34-307A
CFort Harrison29106 26-42-277B
CFoundation Oaks29247 118-85-314A
CFountain Square29234 -41-40261A
CFour Seasons Townhomes29260 130-31-287B
CityGNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CG.L. Bidwell's Oakwood Sub.08622 1-46-277B
CGarden Lake30160 -73-71252A
C/PCGates Knoll30348 33-56-307A
CGates Knoll 1st Add30366 38-43-307A
CGeiger Tract30462 102-18-190A
CGeorgas30654 45-20-306A
CBGeorgilas Sub.30695 87-1-249A
CGibsons Clearwater Heights30798 H4-99-287A
CGlen Ellen Court MHP --291B
C/PCGlen Ellyn Estates31050 34-32-308B
CGlenwood31194 8-14-279A
CGlenwood Est. Add'n31230 9-56-279A 279B
CGolden Est.31455 117-49-314A
CGolf Manor Apts. Co-Op31952 CO-OP --287B
CGolf View31960 -52-63296B
CGolf View Gardens32004 61-23-296B
CGoodman's32076 22-125-297B
CGorra, J. A.32184 1-44-277B
CGould & Ewing 1st Add32274 H1-24-286B
CGould & Ewing 2st Add32292 H1-52-286B
C/PCGracemoor32382 30-7-298A
CGrand Bellagio at Baywatch Condo, The32691 -129-1318A
CGrand Central Executive Center32710 -81-48305B
CGrand Venezia at Baywatch Condo32776 --318A 326A
SKGrande On Sand Key A Condominium - Phase I, The32877 -118-90294A
SKGrande On Sand Key A Condominium - Phase II, The32877 -119-82294A
CGrandview Terrace32850 12-3-279B
CGreen Acres Mobile Home Park MHP --290A
PCGreenbriar, Unit 133066 56-60-242B
PCGreenbriar, Unit 433120 59-83-242B
CGreenfield33300 31-28-278A
CGreenwood Hill33462 11-74-296A
C/PCGreenwood Lawn33480 16-73-322A
CGreenwood Manor33498 21-65-269A
CGreenwood Medical & Rehabilitation Center33500 -62-38296A
CGreenwood Park33534 8-22-269A
CGreenwood Park No. 233552 8-16-269A
C/PCGrove Circle33750 43-29-261A
CGrovewood33993 66-44-299A
CGulf Oaks Centre34211 -65-74288A
CGulf to Bay Acres34542 36-63-290B
CGulf to Bay Acres 1st Add'n34560 52-55-290B
CGulf to Bay Est. Unit 134578 57-24-290A
CGulf to Bay Est. Unit 1, Replat34596 57-84-290A
CGulf to Bay Est. Unit 234614 58-91-290A
CGulf to Bay Est. Unit 334632 60-35-290A
CGulf to Bay Gardens34650 50-60-291B
CGulf to Bay Shopping Center34655 84-65-297B
C/PCGulf to Bay Trailer Park MHP --299A
CGulf View Add't34686 1-38-268B
CGulfview Sub. (Petzolds)34668 5-36-305B
CGunn's Add'n34812 11-88-289B
CGunn's Add'n, Replat Block B34830 40-46-289B
CityHNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
PCHaas Sub.34866 48-66-254B
CHallmark Sub.35072 68-20-270B
CHallmark Sub. 1st Add'n35075 69-48-270B
CHamilton, Property of J.O.35334 5-31-295B
PCHammock Pine Village 135375 -58-122199B
PCHammock Pine Village 235376 -77-113199B
PCHammock Pine Village 335377 -88-108199B
PCHammock Pine Village 435378 -93-97199B
PCHampshire Acres35388 40-68-317B
PCHampshire Acres 1st Add'n35406 58-52-317B
C/PCHanousek's, F. E.35532 1-41-306B
CHappy Trails Mobile Home Park MHP --299A
CHarbor Bluffs Waterfront35849 -21-31277B
PCHarbor Highlands35964 15-19-256A
PCHarbor Hills Park36108 8-26-265A
SKHarbor Light Towers Amended Plat36700 -21-1303B
PCHarbor Oaks Est. Unit I36275 79-73-256A
PCHarbor Oaks Est. Unit II36276 7-46-256A
CHarbor Oaks Place as Amended36274 -14-22295B
CHarbor Oaks, Corrected Map of36270 3-65-295A 295B
C/PCHarbor Vista36666 18-41-260B
SKHarborage35630 -58-51319B
SKHarborage 235632 -66-46319B
B/SKHarborage 2 Dock & Water Lots35632 -86-89319B
B/SKHarborage Dock & Water Lots35630 -83-4319B
CHarborside Condo-Motel36405 -35-17259B
CBHarborside Townhomes36398 127-80-276A
CBHarborview Grande Condo36565 -140-87276A
CHarbour Towne 2 Amended36705 -69-113283B
CHarbour Towne Condo36701 -32-112283B
SKHarbour, The36699 -39-56311B
CHarold Court Townhomes36835 131-69-295B
CHarold Court Townhomes II36836 134-17-295B
CHarrington's36936 5-77-277B
CHarrison Square37218 83-6-305B
CHarts Add'n37422 H1-94-277B
CHarts, Second Add37440 3-47-277B
CHarvard Arms Townhouses37485 81-58-274A
CHarvey Park37602 9-94-314A
CHayden's Estates, C. S. Map of37890 H6-4-277B
CHaynes37916 130-66-313B
CHeart & Vascular Pavilion, The37995 -117-93305B
CHeather Trail38027 77-53-200B
CHercules Avenue Office Park Commercial Condo38236 -144-90253A
CHercules Court38240 84-96-280B
C/PCHercules Industrial Park38250 53-57-271A
CHeritage38256 -58-34268B
BHermitage Sub., The38290 84-82-313B
CHibiscus Gardens38574 14-55-287B 296B
CHickory Grove Condo38596 -35-115295A
CHidden Oaks38619 102-20-265A
PCHidden Pines at Countryside38622 114-60-210B
CHigh Point39366 12-21-297B
CHigh Point 1st Add'n39492 30-81-297B
PCHighland Acres38610 48-93-323A
CHighland Avenue Shopping Center38627 135-13-261A
CHighland Estates38700 50-47-261A
CHighland Estates 1st Add'n38718 58-36-261A
CHighland Estates 2nd Add'n38719 90-23-261A
CHighland Glen38725 132-100-252A
CHighland Grove38736 6-75-288A
CHighland Hill38790 56-1-297A
C/PCHighland Lake38808 30-1-307A 315A
C/PCHighland Lake 1st Add'n38826 30-2-307A
PCHighland Lake 2nd Add'n38844 27-65-307A
PCHighland Lake 3rd Add'n38862 27-66-307A 315A
C/PCHighland Lake 4th Add'n38880 30-97-315A
PCHighland Manor38898 37-15-315A
PCHighland Manor 1st Add'n38916 55-52-315A
PCHighland Manor 2nd Add'n38934 63-51-315A
C/PCHighland Oak38952 40-25-307A
CHighland Oaks Est.38961 66-100-270A
CHighland Oaks Est. 1st Add'n38962 65-3-270A
CHighland Oaks Est. 2nd Add'n38963 65-22-270A
C/PCHighland Pines39060 30-41-270B
C/PCHighland Pines 1st Add'n39078 30-100-270B
C/PCHighland Pines 2nd Add'n39096 33-57-270B
C/PCHighland Pines 3rd Add'n39114 32-71-270A 270B
C/PCHighland Pines 4th Add'n39132 33-90-270B
CHighland Pines 5th Add'n39150 36-44-270B
CHighland Pines 6th Add'n39168 48-70-270A 270B
CHighland Pines 6th Add'n Replat of Lot 5 & 6, Block 4539186 55-90-261A 261B
CHighland Pines 7th Add'n39204 54-20-261B 270B
CHighland Pines 8th Add'n39222 57-70-270B
CHighland Pines 9th Add'n39223 71-14-270A
CHighland Terrace Manor39258 36-46-270A
C/PCHill-Top Sub.39780 29-84-255A
CHillcrest39816 6-56-278B 279A
CHillcrest Add'n39852 14-49-279A
PCHillcrest Estates39906 55-91-281A
C/PCHillcrest Estates 1st Add'n39924 63-48-281A
CHillcrest Estates 1st Add'n Partial Replat39925 77-95-272A 281A
PCHillcrest Estates Replat39942 42-25-281A
CHillcrest Gardens39948 123-82-296B
CHillcrest Mobile Home Park MHP --299A
CHillcrest No. 2, Revised Map39870 13-48-279A
CHillcrest No. 339888 52-7-278B 279A
CHillcrest Villas40070 -30-69243B
CHillcrest Villas 240071 -32-52243B
CHillcrest Villas 340072 -33-31243B
CHillcrest Villas 440073 -33-37243B
CHillcrest Villas 540074 -33-70243B
CHillcrest Villas 640075 -34-88243B
CHillcrest Villas 940079 -36-114243B
CHillcrest Villas 1040080 -35-84243B
CHillcrest Villas 1140081 -37-22243B
CHillcrest Villas 1240082 -37-55243B
CHillcrest Villas 1340083 -39-81243B
CHillcrest Villas 1440084 -37-74243B
CHillcrest Villas 1540085 -39-85243B
CHillside Mobile Home Park MHP --292A
CHollingsworth Estates40698 41-35-297B 298A
CHomestead Oaks40987 99-7-256A
CHomewater Sub.41004 33-22-251A
CHorizon House Co-Op41348 CO-OP --267B 276B
CHughey's, W. F.41670 3-3-287A
CHughey's, W. F.41688 1-70-287A
PCHulett Estates41706 56-64-317A
CityINumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CImperial Courts Apts 141922 -2-46317A
CImperial Courts Apts 241924 -3-1317A
CImperial Courts Apts 341926 -3-7317A
CImperial Courts Apts 441928 -3-54317A
CImperial Courts Apts 541930 -3-57317A
CImperial Cove No. 141937 -4-48318A
CImperial Cove No. 241938 -4-69318A
CImperial Cove No. 341939 -6-20318A
CImperial Cove No. 441941 -6-23318A
CImperial Cove No. 541942 -6-26318A
CImperial Cove No. 641943 -6-31318A
CImperial Cove No. 741944 -8-17318A
CImperial Cove No. 7A41946 -13-12318A
CImperial Cove No. 841947 -13-2318A
CImperial Cove No. 941948 -20-69318A
CImperial Cove No. 1041949 -24-2318A
CImperial Cove No. 11 Amendment41951 -28-62318A
CImperial Cove No. 12 Amendment41952 -28-63318A
CImperial Cove No. 1341954 -29-66318A 318B
CImperial Cove No. 1441955 -33-34318A
CImperial Oaks41956 -39-110223A
CImperial Park Bldg. 142014 CO-OP --308B
CImperial Park Bldg. 242015 CO-OP --308B
CImperial Park Condo41953 -7-15308B
CImperial Park Unit 141957 59-33-316B
CImperial Park Unit 241958 60-22-308B
CImperial Park Unit 341976 60-96-316B
CImperial Park Unit 441994 61-62-308B 316B
CImperial Park Unit 542012 63-6-308B
CImperial Pines Condo42016 -67-49223A
CIndian Heights42696 4-8-296A
CInverness Condo I - Pase 1 & 243211 -47-69221B
CInverness Condo II - Phase 1 & 243212 -54-51221B
CInverness Condo III - Phase 1 & 243213 -65-43221B
CInverness Condo IV - Phase 1 & 243214 -73-78221B
CInverness Condo V - Phase 1 thru 643215 -84-73232B
CBIsland Club43262 -81-34285A
CIsland Escape Condo43268 -102-11267B
IEIsland Estates of Clearwater Unit 143308 44-62-267B
IEIsland Estates of Clearwater, Unit 6-A43416 60-90-258B
IEIsland Estates of Clearwater, Unit 843458 64-73-249B 258B
IEIsland Estates Unit 243326 47-19A-267B
IEIsland Estates Unit 343344 47-62-268A
IEIsland Estates Unit 443362 51-32-268A 277A
IEIsland Estates Unit 543380 51-34-267B
IEIsland Estates Unit 5-A43398 60-51-267B
IEIsland Estates Unit 6-B43434 61-46-258B
IEIsland Estates Unit 6-C43452 61-109-258B
IEIsland Estates Unit 6-D, 7-A, 7-C43456 64-1-249B 258B
IEIsland Estates Unit 7-B43457 64-70-249B 258B
CIsland In The Sun (MHP)43450 CO-OP --291B
CBIsland Key Condo43455 -135-37285A
IEIsland Moorings43460 -39-108267B
IEIsland Point No. 143465 -13-41258B
CBIsland Townhomes43454 127-46-276A
IEIsland View Condo43461 -40-45267B
IEIsland Walk 143473 -61-73258B
IEIsland Walk Marina Club (Boat Slips)43474 --258A 258B
IEIsland Yacht Club43469 -39-74267B
IEIslander Condo43263 -11-64267B
IEIsle of Clearwater43480 -52-54267B
SKIsle of Sand Key 143515 -19-88319B
CityJNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CJ. J. Muggs59392 91-40-291A
CJackson, C. E.43596 H2-96-269A
C/PCJade Heights43740 30-90-260B
CJapanese Gardens43866 MHP --310A
CJC Penney68305 139-72-221B
CJeffords & Smoyer 1st Add'n, Corrected43956 4-10-286B
CJeffords Square Ph 143957 -84-80295B
PCJohn's Parkway44172 29-41-292A
CJones Resub. Replat44424 16-87-314A
CJones Sub. of Nicholsons44352 H1-13-277B
CJones Subd. of Nicholson Addition to Clearwater Block 7, 8, 9 and 1044353 H4-82-277B
CJordan Hills44433 82-31-315A
CJordan Hills Condo44435 -82-113315A
CJurgen's Sub. Revised Plat45000 4-17-269A
CityKNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CKalmia Condo No. 145063 -3-46307A
CKalmia Condo No. 245065 -4-12307A
CKalmia Condo No. 345067 -4-46307A
CKalmia Condo No. 445068 -5-7307A
CKalmia Condo No. 545069 -6-63307A
CKalmia Condo No. 745071 -21-69307A
C/PCKapok Forest45108 47-47-274A
CKapok Manor Village 145113 -22-48274A
C/PCKapok Terrace45126 36-14-283A
PCKapok Terrace 1st Add'n45144 49-48-283A
CKEA Office45250 92-1-244A
PCKeene Acres45306 36-35-308A
PCKeene Acres 1st Add'n45324 43-53-308A
PCKeene Estates45342 44-44-316A
CKellett Sub.45576 11-24-287B
CKen Marks Ford46279 74-19-244A
CKen Marks Ford 1st Add46281 105-100-255A
PCKendale45765 77-7-201B
CKenwood Garden Apt. Co-Op46316 CO-OP --287B
CKenwood Town House46386 60-24-287B
CKenwood Townhomes46380 131-13-287B
CKenyon Dodge46388 92-59-309B
CKerwin Sub.46524 123-006-222A
CKeystone Manor46566 10-71-288B
CKeystone Manor Revised46584 14-46-288B
CKilgore, H. A. Sub46710 3-58-287A
CKings Highway Condo (renamed to Willow Brooke Condo)46789 -89-101251B
CKingston, Property of T. H.46800 6-65-277B
CKnight & Harris46950 95-38-307A
C/PCKnight's Acres46998 11-67-251B
PCKnight's H. L. 2nd Add'n46980 19-24-322A
PCKnight's, H. L. Sub.46962 15-77-322A
CKnollwood Replat47016 21-70-288A
CKrueger-NCNB47220 105-15-288B
CityLNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CLa Jolla Sub.47430 10-76-251A
CBLa Sal Motel50308 -97-55258A
CLake Belleview Addition47466 9-141-305B 306A
CLake Chautauqua Est.47683 90-22-244A
CLake Chautauqua Reserve47693 133-91-244A
PCLake Citrus Estates47700 33-85-242B
PCLake Citrus Estates 1st Add'n47718 33-97-242B
PCLake Citrus Estates 2nd Add'n47736 34-11-242B
PCLake Citrus Estates 3rd Add'n47754 40-47-242B
C/PCLake Lela Manor47988 35-12-308A
C/PCLake Lela Manor 1st Add'n48006 38-7-308A
PCLake Pine Estates Unit 148312 32-73-242A
PCLake Pine Estates Unit 248330 33-83-242A
PCLake Pine Estates Unit 348348 34-16-242A
CLake Starcrest Sub48601 90-58-289B
CLakeside at Clearwater 138-70-298B
CLakeside Crossing Condo48662 -145-15296A
CLakeview Estates48906 49-1-306B
CLakeview Estates 1st Add'n48924 49-28-306B
CLakeview Heights48978 13-5-306A
CLakeview Oaks49031 -55-24305B
CLakeview Professional Village Amended49041 -28-100305B
CLakeview Road Subdivision49045 134-57-306B
CLakeview Square Replat49060 -59-54306A
C/PCLakeview Vista49122 34-62-307B
PCLakeview Vista 1st Add Replat49140 41-14-307B
CLakewood Replat49716 20-41-288B
C/PCLame Survey49824 9-20-301A
CLandmark at Enterprise49864 101-92-234A
PCLandmark Est Phase 149849 85-81-178B
CLandmark Palms49854 91-82-190A
CLandmark Palms Add'n49862 95-84-190A
CLandmark Place Condo 149861 -90-39190A
CLandmark Place Condo 249853 -81-19190A
CLandmark Place Condo 349858 -86-57190A
CLandmark Place Condo 449863 -101-1190A
SKLandmark Towers 149851 -44-116303B
SKLandmark Towers 249852 -54-2303B
CLandmark Woods 2nd Add'n49857 77-29-200B 211B
CLandmark Woods of Countryside49855 72-92-211B
CLandmark Woods of Countryside 1st Add49856 72-95-211B
C/PCLange's Replat49986 24-74-251B
CLaura Street Townhomes50440 127-87-287A
CLaurel Lake50454 29-19-297B
CLaurelwood Condo I50481 -17-44232A
C/PCLauretta Terrace50490 19-17-322A
CLe Cher Prof. Center Phase I50820 -66-1317B
CLembo Sub.51066 48-38-296B
CLesley's Sub.51192 Deed K-471-259B 268B
CBLifetime of Vacations51755 --285A
SKLighthouse Towers51762 -66-102303B
CLillian & Jean51786 45-70-297B
CLincoln Place51948 3-27-269A
CLincoln Square Prop51967 -94-1296B
CLincourt Medical office51968 -71-77296B
CLion's Point Clearwater Condo51790 --251A
CLittle Building52185 -77-4280B
CLittle, J.P.52200 6-5-277B
CLive Oak Court52326 61-83-297B
CLive Oak Estates52344 62-15-297B
CLive Oak Estates Partial Replat52362 62-30-297B
CBLloyd White Skinner52380 13-12-276A
CLoehmanns Plaza52412 93-63-263B 272B
CLoehmanns Plaza Replat52413 109-13-263B 272B
PCLohmeyer Heights52452 4-29-256A
CLokey52455 92-18-309B
CLokey F.B.C.52460 107-84-299A
CLongview Add'n52938 11-38-297B
C/PCLoveland Sub.52956 28-20-322A
CLowe's Sub.53001 119-37-221A
CLutz, Clovis Resub.53370 35-76-277B
CityMNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
IEM. B. R.56443 -74-46267B
CMacDixson's Sub.21672 3-44-287A
CMacDixson's Sub. 1st Add'n21690 5-96-287A
PCMaddox Sub.54162 35-87-307B
CMadison Heights54360 56-48-314A
CMagnolia Heights Sub.54414 6-50-296A
CMagnolia Park54450 3-43-286B 287A 295B 296A
CMagnolia Park54450 1-70-286B 287A 295B 296A
PCMagnolia Ridge 254441 -66-131178B
CMagnolia Square Condo54452 -133-37295B
CMajestic Oaks54580 139-3-245A
CMajestic Oaks Replat 139-74-245A
CMajor's Manor54576 37-84-292A
CBMandalay Beach Club54670 122-13-267A
CBMandalay Beach Club Condo54658 -127-1267A
CBMandalay Point Sub.54684 20-68-227A
CBMandalay Point Sub. 1st Add'n54702 20-71-227A
CBMandalay Sub.54666 14-32-238A 249A
CBMandalay Sub., Replat of Block 2554774 24-63-249A
CBMandalay Sub., Replat of Blocks 65, 66, 71, 72, 73, 74, 7554720 20-57-227A
CBMandalay Sub., Replat of Lot 1 - Blk 54, Lot 7 - Blk 40 and the "Yacht Club" - Blk. 5354738 21-9-238A 249A
CBMandalay Sub., Replat of Unit 5, Blks 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 8754756 20-48-258A
CBMandalay Sub., Replat of Unit 5, Blks 80 & 8154810 24-80-258A
CBMandalay Sub., Replat of Unit 5, Blks 85, 85A & 86A, 83, 84, 86, 76-82, 8754792 21-13-258A
CBMandalay Sub., Unit 554747 20-27-258A
PCManor Pines54936 45-92-242B
CMap of Belleair06462 H1-105-305B
PCMaple Forest Sub.54990 62-25-317A
PCMaple Forest Sub. 1st Add'n55008 62-43-317A
PCMaple Forest Sub. 2nd Add'n55026 62-52-317A
PCMaple Forest Sub. 3rd Add'n55030 64-10-317A
CMaranatha Sub.55062 45-16-296A
CMarilyn Pines Unit 155300 -10-32280B
CMarilyn Pines Unit 255301 -14-7280B
SKMarina Del Rey at Sand Key Unit B55303 81-54-311B
CMarkley's Add'n55332 H1-97-286B 295B
CMarkley, R. T.55315 10-29-295A
PCMarla Groves Est.55340 83-69-242B
LMarlowe Heights55368 46-62-322B
CMarshall & Brandon's55602 1-27-295B
PCMarshall Manor55566 57-31-316A
PCMarshall Manor 1st Add'n55584 59-38-316A
CMarshall Townhouses55624 68-100-269A
CMarshall's, E. A.55530 H7-17-268B
C/PCMarshall, E. A. Sub.55548 3-44-251B
CMaryland Sub55764 15-25-269A
PCMarymont 1st Add55800 18-36-280B
C/PCMarymont 1st Add Replat55818 19-93-280B
C/PCMarymont Replat Blks 1 - 1955836 39-31-271A 280A
CMarymont Sub.55782 14-39-280A
CMason's, I.A.55908 1-12-269A
CMathews/Nielson Replat55950 109-36-262B
CMatlack Place55998 6-37-295B
CMattison Square56052 5-66-287A
CMayfair56415 83-3-211B
CMcMullen's, Mrs. N.E.53910 10-25-295B
CMcMullen's, Mrs. Sarah53928 1-41-287A
C/PCMcMullens, Bayview53892 H6-23-301A
CMcVeigh Sub.54000 30-83-296B
CMcVeigh Sub. 1st Add54018 37-53-296B
CMcVeigh Sub. 2nd Add54036 48-58-296B
PCMeadow Brook Place56505 77-86-245A
C/PCMeadow Creek Sub.56520 36-26-308A
PCMeadow Creek Sub. 1st Add Replat56538 41-23-308A
PCMeadow Dale56556 40-74-316B
CMeadows, The56448 58-81-309A
CMeadows, The 1st Add56466 59-64-299A 309A
PCMedical Mall Condo, The56994 -25-63323A
CMediterrean Village in The Park57010 125-44-287A
CMelody Sub.57132 55-69-298B
SKMeridian on Sand Key Condo57318 -122-72294A
CMerritt's E. P.57402 H7-6-277B
CMerritt's Replat57420 23-48-269A
CMichel Tract57565 89-48-190A
CMidway Sub.57690 13-4-298B
CMighell's Sub.57816 3-33-268B
CMill's, Edward57996 9-36-286B
CBMiller's Replat57924 26-17-258A
CMilton Park58068 1-69-305B 306A
CMilton Park, Replat of Blocks 13, 1958086 10-28-306A
CMission Hills Plaza Commercial Condo58220 -155-64273B
CMission Hills Replat58217 -15-96273B
C/PCMissouri Heights58230 30-26-306B
CMisty Springs Condo I58239 -37-44211A
CMisty Springs Condo I - Ph 1, Bldg D & E58239 -39-16211A
CMisty Springs Condo I - Ph 2, Bldg F & G58239 -39-16211A
CMisty Springs Condo I - Ph 3, Bldg H & I58239 -39-120211A
CMisty Springs Condo I - Ph 4, Bldg A & J58239 -41-21211A
CMisty Springs Condo I - Ph 558239 -42-60211A
CMisty Springs Condo I - Ph 5, Bldg C58239 -43-118211A
CMisty Springs Condo II58240 -45-1211A
CMisty Springs Condo II - Ph 1, Bldg Q & R58240 -45-1211A
CMisty Springs Condo II - Ph 2, Bldg S & T58240 -47-58211A
CMisty Springs Condo II - Ph 358240 -47-18211A
CMisty Springs Condo II - Ph 3, Bldg O58240 -50-91211A
CMisty Springs Condo II - Ph 4, Bldg K58240 -50-29211A
CMisty Springs Condo II - Ph 5, Bldg M58240 -61-107211A
CMisty Springs Condo II - Ph 5, Bldg N58240 -58-101211A
CMoase & Harrison58338 H2-85-287A
CBMonaco Resort Condo58454 -137-76258A
CMontclair Cove58460 130-62-253A
CMontclair Lake Estates58464 53-10-253A
PCMonterey Gardens58563 73-60-323A
PCMonterey Heights58572 28-40-322B
PCMonterey Heights 1st Add'n58590 33-43-322B
C/PCMonterey Heights 1st Add'n Replat Block H58608 43-28-322B
CMoore, Geo.58860 10-12-314A
CMoore, Prop. of A. J.58788 12-24-287B
CMoorings of Sand Key, The58920 110-11-319B
CBMoorings Townhomes IA58925 130-8-285A
CBMoorings Townhomes IIA58922 129-99-285A
CMoreland at Morningside58928 -30-57309B
CMorningside East 158977 -4-23309B
CMorningside East 258979 -5-79309B
CMorningside East 358980 -37-17309B
CMorningside Estates Unit 158986 59-58-309A
CMorningside Estates Unit 259004 60-33-309A
CMorningside Estates Unit 3-A59022 61-24-309A
CMorningside Estates Unit 3-B59040 61-41-309A
CMorningside Estates Unit 459058 61-92-309B
CMorningside Estates Unit 5-A59076 63-16-317A
CMorningside Estates Unit 5-B59094 63-44-317A
CMorningside Estates Unit 6-A59112 63-45-309B
CMorningside Estates Unit 6-B59115 63-82-317A 317B
CMorningside Estates Unit 6-C59118 64-24-317A
PCMorningside Heights59130 12-92-322A
C/PCMosell Acres59184 24-70-280B
PCMoss Oak Sub.59202 35-91-307B
CMount Orange Sub. Revised59292 6-46-296A
CMuggs, J. J.59392 91-40-291A
CMurphy's Place59460 129-37-295B
CityNNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CN.T.W. Sub61770 87-62-232B
C Nall & Mortonson's59580 21-8-286B
CNavajo Park59598 7-63-260A
CNelson Place Phase 1,2,3,659743 -78-79315A
Nelson Place Phase 4,7,1059743 -89-52315A
Nelson Place Phase 559743 -83-7315A
Nelson Place Phase 859743 -86-48315A
Nelson Place Phase 959743 -84-89315A
CNew Country Club Add'n59796 20-64-278A
CNew Marymont59886 30-33-280A
CNew Marymont 1st Add'n59904 34-4-280A
C/PCNew Ranch Trailer Park MHP --299A
C/PCNichols Sub.60048 30-9-260B
C Nicholson & Sloan's60120 1-38-277B
CNicholson's Add to Clearwater Cemetary 5-7-306A
CNicholson's, Ira60102 H2-44-277B
CBNine Cambria60156 -33-91258A
C/PCNob Hill60192 55-40-315B
PCNob Hill 1st Add60210 56-51-315B
CNolen Subdivision60290 140-24-287A
CNormandy Park Condo 160363 -3-16307A
CNormandy Park Condo 260365 -4-29307A
CNormandy Park Condo 360366 -4-74307A
CNormandy Park Condo 460367 -4-95307A
PCNormandy Park South Condo I60368 -6-69323A
PCNormandy Park South Condo II60369 -7-90323A
PCNormandy Park South Condo III60370 -8-48323A
PCNormandy Park South Condo IV60371 -9-11323A
PCNormandy Park South Condo V60373 -9-76323A
PCNormandy Park South Condo VI60374 -10-23323A
PCNormandy Park South Condo VII60375 -10-92323A
PCNorth Bay Hills60399 72-2-212B
PCNorth Bay Hills Replat60400 75-95-212B
CNorth Shore Park61488 3-10-259B
CNortheast Coachman Prof. Center Office Condo60477 -130-48272B
CNorthside Square61516 93-31-188B
CNorthwood Dental Arts Condominium Association61619 -120-19234A
SHNorthwood East61620 80-32-234A
CNorthwood Estates Tract "C"61623 75-65-222B
CNorthwood Estates Tract "F"61626 77-46-222B
CNorthwood Estates Tract "G"61628 79-53-233B
CNorthwood Office Park Condo61653 --223A
CNorthwood West61655 85-1-222B 233B
CNorwood Sub.61740 5-79-269A
CNorwood, 1st Addition to61758 5-79-269A
CNursery Park61794 29-51-297B
PCNursery Terrace61812 50-59-316A
CityONumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
C/PCOak Acres Addition61866 32-70-307B
COak Acres Addition Replat61867 65-60-307B
C/PCOak Acres Addition Unit 161884 34-31-307B
C/PCOak Acres Addition Unit 261902 34-63-307B
COak Acres Addition Unit 361920 46-6-307B
C/PCOak Acres Sub.61848 27-11-297B
PCOak Acres Unit 161938 26-95-297B
C/PCOak Acres Unit 261956 28-41-297B
C/PCOak Acres Unit 361974 28-50-297B
PCOak Acres Unit 461992 28-82-297B
C/PCOak Acres Unit 562010 30-42-297B
COak Acres Unit 662028 35-45-297B
COak Acres Unit 762046 46-15-297B
COak Acres Unit 862064 51-3-297B
COak Bluffs62120 -102-97286B
COak Brook Village62124 -74-99317A
COak Cove, A Commercial Condo62131 -102-92286B
C/PCOak Creek at Countryside62133 82-20-179A
COak Forest of Countryside62379 70-20-211A 211B
COak Grove Est.62406 61-30-308B
COak Grove Est. Add.62408 65-35-308B
COak Haven62478 11-41-313B
PCOak Haven Est.62496 6-28-265A
COak Heights Park62523 70-18-242A
PCOak Heights Terrace62532 57-35-242A
PCOak Heights Terrace Add62533 69-71-242A
COak Hills Replat62586 26-5-279A
COak Hills Sub.62568 7-66-279A
COak Lake Condo62830 -146-82289B
C/PCOak Lake Estates62838 45-13-298A
COak Lake Park 162865 -22-119242A
COak Lake Park 262866 -32-30242A
COak Ridge Court Estates63199 99-73-255B
PCOakadia Groves Unit 162082 41-40-316B
PCOakadia Groves Unit 262100 49-74-316B
PCOakadia Groves Unit 362118 57-6-316B
COakbrook Estates62123 118-47-234A
C/PCOakland Heights62928 12-38-306B
C/PCOakmount Sub.62964 45-43-281A
COaks of Northwood 163625 -47-21233A
COld Clearwater City Flats Condo63798 -149-12295B
SHOld Harbor Pl.63797 112-75-265A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 163994 -2-77254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 263996 -3-15254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 363998 -3-66254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 464000 -4-28254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 564001 -4-67254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 664002 -4-68254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 764003 -5-51254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 864004 -5-6254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 964005 -5-39254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1064006 -5-52254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1164007 -7-11254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1264009 -7-62254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1364010 -7-38254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1464011 -7-100254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1564012 -8-1254B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1664013 -8-25254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1764014 -8-55243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1864015 -9-41243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 1964016 -9-74243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2064017 -10-8243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2164018 -11-4243A 243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2264019 -11-21243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2364020 -12-24243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2464021 -12-25243A 243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2564022 -12-43243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2664025 -13-67243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2764026 -15-33243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2864027 -15-21243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 2964028 -17-14243A 243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3064029 -17-29243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3164030 -17-47243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3264031 -17-71243A 243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3364032 -17-91243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3464033 -17-92243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3564034 -20-65243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3664035 -22-43243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3764036 -22-66243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3864037 -22-116243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 3964038 -23-48243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 4064039 -24-93243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 4164040 -25-28254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 4264064 -25-104243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 4364065 -27-37243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 4464066 -27-39243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 4564067 -27-44243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 4664068 -29-20243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 4764069 -29-62243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 48 Amended64070 -43-90243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 49 Amended64071 -38-59243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 50 Amended64072 -40-102232B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 51 Amended64073 -45-92243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 52 Amended64074 -43-94243B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 53 Amended64075 -46-48243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 5464076 -40-1232B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 5564077 -42-120232B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 5664078 -45-124232B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 5764090 -45-125232B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 5864091 -51-4232B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 5964092 -61-102232B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 60 Amended64093 -65-95243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 61 Amended64094 -69-15243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 62 Amended64095 -73-61243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 6364096 -70-50243A 254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 6464097 -74-4243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 6564099 -76-48243A 254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 6664102 -78-23243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 6764103 -83-102243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 6864104 -85-116243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 6964105 -90-110243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7064109 -90-69243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7164108 -95-86243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7264111 -98-80243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7364113 -98-98243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7564115 -102-47243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7664117 -103-41243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7764118 -107-10243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7864119 -109-32243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 7964120 -109-63243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8064121 -109-65243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8164122 -110-14243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8264123 -110-29243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8364124 -110-32243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8464125 -110-34243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8564126 -110-36243A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8764128 -113-43254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8864129 -116-1254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 8964130 -116-82253B
PCOn Top of The World Unit 9064132 -115-97254A
PCOn Top of The World Unit 9164133 -118-53254A
C/PCOne Kapok Terrace Condo Ph 164101 -69-70274A
COne Kapok Terrace Condo Ph 264101 -69-73274A
COne Kapok Terrace Condo Ph 364101 -69-75274A
COne Kapok Terrace Condo Ph 464101 -86-4274A
COne Kapok Terrace Condo Ph 564101 -90-16274A
COne Kapok Terrace Condo Ph 664101 -102-8274A
C/PCOrange Blossom64041 51-70-273A
COrange Blossom 1st Add'n64042 68-70-273A
BOverbrook Park64908 20-58-313B
COverbrook Sub.64890 8-23-287B
CityPNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CPadgett's Est.65286 4-11-287B
CPadgett's Est. Lots 16 & 17, Etc., A Subdivision of65250 6-59-287B
CPadgett's Est. of Lots 4 & 7, Etc., Resub65232 5-59-287B
CPadgett's Sub, R.H.65178 1-13-277B
CPadgett's Sub, R.H.65196 H5-27-287A
CPadgett's Sub, R.H.65214 4-32-287A
CPadgett's Sub. of Original Lot 265214 4-41-287A
CPadgett's, R. H. Lots 20, 21, 22 A Subdivision of65268 9-110-287B
CPalm Bluff Preserve65472 130-86-268B
CPalm Bluff Preserve - One65478 135-20-268B
CPalm Bluff Sub.65448 5-14-268B
CPalm Bluff Sub. 1st Add'n to65466 5-14-268B
CPalm Park Sub.65718 H4-86-269A
CPalm Park Sub. of Lot #3465736 19-56-269A
CPalm Terrace Unit 165808 27-42-270A
CPalm Terrace Unit 265826 27-63-270A
CBPalm Topper65910 -85-101276A
C/PCPalmetto Terrace65898 39-75-281A
CBParadise Cove65980 128-19-276A
CPark Place Outparcels66373 113-60-291A
CBPark Place Townhomes66377 130-30-258A
CParkside Office Park Land Condo66678 -147-76255A
CParkwood Estates R.O.C., Inc. (Unrecorded)66745 MHP --291B
CParkwood Sub66762 46-38-297A
CParkwood Sub. Replat66780 48-36-297A
CParkwood, 1st Add'n66798 50-28-296B 297A
CParkwood, 2nd Add'n66816 52-4-297A
CParkwood, 3rd Add'n66834 52-78-297A
CParkwood, 4th Add'n66852 60-46-297A
CParkwood, 5th Add'n66855 64-87-296B
CPCB Center68063 121-65-263B
CPeale Park68094 12-17-251A
CBPelican Pointe on Clearwater Beach Condo68280 -135-1276A
IEPelican Port68285 110-93-267B
CPennsylvania Sub68346 21-80-269A
PCPenthouse Groves Unit A68410 -7-12323A
PCPenthouse Groves Unit B68411 -7-95323A
PCPenthouse Groves Unit C68412 -8-78323A
PCPenthouse Groves Unit D68413 -9-60323A
PCPenthouse Groves Unit E68414 -11-32323A
CBPenthouse Shores68416 -13-50258A
CPenthouse Villas of Morningside68420 -20-122309B
CPierce 10068823 -19-98286A 286B
CPine Brook Highlands69066 30-53-269B
CPine Brook Sub69030 23-64-269B
CPine Brook Sub. Unit 269048 23-71-269B
CPine Crest Sub.69138 1-66-278A
C/PCPine Dell69192 45-26-280B
PCPine Oak 1st Add71532 43-70-315B
PCPine Oak Sub.71514 37-83-307B
PCPine Oak, 2nd Add'n71550 47-45-315B
PCPine Oak, 3rd Add'n71568 51-18-315B
PCPine Oak, 3rd Add'n Revised71586 55-56-315B
C/PCPine Ridge71694 28-98-269B
C/PCPinellas Groves70164 1-55-262A 262B
C/PCPinellas Groves70182 3-15-271A 271B 280B
C/PCPinellas Groves70254 1-55-299A
C/PCPinellas Groves70272 1-55-309A 309B 317A 317B
PCPinellas Groves70308 1-55-326A
C/PCPinellas Terrace71424 49-52-264A
C/PCPinellas Terrace 1st Add'n71442 54-70-264A
CPines of Clearwater, The71722 -30-111261A
CPinewood Village Revised71812 -28-60280B
CPlantation @ Edgewater Dr., The Condo71926 --251A
CPlaza Park72000 H5-53-278A
CPlaza Pines Trailer Park MHP --306B
C/PCPleasant Ridge Est.72144 53-71-308B
CPoms Park72522 6-17-305B
PCPonce De Leon Est.72540 45-50-322B
CPools at Windward Passage, The72590 118-63-267A
CPost Court72694 107-65-290B
CPrelude 80 (Replat)73035 -26-90295B
CPremier Place73041 93-51-317A
CPremier Village73047 101-28-317B
CPrestige Park73095 110-35-244A
CPrestige Place73099 93-17-244A
CPrestige Professional Park73100 102-49-244A
CProfessional Business Complex73156 81-24-289B
CProfessional Pyramid Plaza73163 74-46-280B
CityQNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CQ-Lube Clearwater73353 118-76-291B
CQuail Run73359 70-51-261A
CityRNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
SKRadisson Bayside Hotel73427 101-35-294A 303B
PCRainbow Farms73465 77-59-223A
PCRainbow Farms Unit II73466 83-2-223A
PCRainbow Farms Unit III73467 84-66-223A
CRainbow's End73458 9-138-251A
CRaintree Village73521 -18-59262B
CReed's Subdivision Lot 1 And Lot 274053 99-3-289B
CReed's Survey74052 9-107-277B 278A
CBRegatta Beach Club Condo74074 -131-1238A 249A
PCRegency Heights Mobile Home Park MHP --210B
CRegency Sub., The74073 85-18-299B
PCReier Sub.74142 29-53-255A
CRenaissance Oaks74277 133-3-245A
CRenaissance Oaks First Addition 137-71-245A
CRenaissance Plaza74285 -81-57232B
CReserve, The74373 106-2-179A
CResidence at Renaissance Square, The Condo74375 -132-56296A 306A
CBResidences at Sandpearl Resort Condo74378 -149-82267A
IEResidences at Windward Passage Condo74380 -146-59267B
CReynold's Sub, S. J.74574 5-49-305B
CRhodes & Wice74612 91-90-280B
PCRiviera Mobile Home Estates MHP --188B
CRoberson's Sub.76050 24-69-279A
CRoberts, J. B.76068 H3-82-305B
PCRobinwood Sub.76194 52-99-255A
PCRobinwood, 1st Add'n76212 61-38-255A
PCRoe Sub. No. 176284 20-29-322A
CRogers Star Homes76410 41-25-314B
CRogers Sub.76356 4-30-296A
PCRolling Heights76446 43-1-281A
CRollins Sub.76428 43-47-307B
PCRollins Sub. 1st Add76429 68-94-307B
CRompon's And Baskins76482 57-1-286B
CRose Ann Sub.76662 59-6-314A
CRosetree Court77079 79-20-317B
CRosewood Sub77092 88-70-317A
PCRoundtree Acres77145 111-48-242B
CRouse Sub., J. H.77148 H4-90-277B
CBRoyal Camelot Resort Condo77276 --258A
CRussell Sub.77598 26-43-288A
CRussell Sub. Unit 177616 26-81-288A
CRustlewood at Countryside77643 -30-120222A
CitySNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CSalls Lake Park78577 66-16-264B
CSalls Lake Park 1st Add'n78579 69-5-264B
CSalls Lake Park 2nd Add'n78580 69-97-264B
CSalls Lake Park 3rd Add'n78581 71-21-264B 265A
CSalls Lake Park Unit B78583 69-81-264B 265A
C/PCSalls Sub.78480 28-38-314B
CSalls, 1st Add'n78498 32-47-314B
CSalls, 1st Add'n Unit 178516 36-51-314B
CSalls, 1st Add'n Unit 278534 45-15-314B
CSalls, 2nd Add'n78552 35-6-306B 314B
CSalls, 3rd Add'n Replat78570 36-31-306B 314B
CSam's Club Clearwater78608 116-80-299B
SKSand Key Condo South Bay 150178643 -71-64311B
SKSand Key Condo South Beach 178638 -14-83303B
SKSand Key Condo South Beach 146078637 -54-63311B
SKSand Key Condo South Beach 148078630 -65-19311B
SKSand Key Condo South Beach 278639 -20-35311B
SKSand Key Condo. Bayside Gardens 178633 -12-88303B 311B
SKSand Key Condo. Bayside Gardens 278634 -13-14311B
SKSand Key Condo. Bayside Gardens 378635 -19-10303B
SKSand Key Condo. Bayside Gardens 478636 -19-16303B
SHSandal Cove I Bldg 100178615 -14-56275A
SHSandal Cove I Bldg 100378616 -17-72275A
SHSandal Cove I Bldg 100578618 -18-36275A
PCSandal Cove II78619 -24-109275A
CBSandpearl78657 129-89-258A 267A
CSandy Oaks78645 93-81-261A
CSandy Oaks Addition78646 99-4-261A
C/PCScotia Heights79254 10-10-315A
IESea Island Apts. No. 179371 -2-84267B
IESea Island Apts. No. 279374 -3-79267B
IESea Island North No. 379376 -6-65249B
IESea Island South No. 479377 -21-45249B
CSeagull Beach Cabanas & Yacht Club Inc.79364 CO-OP --285A
PCSerendipity Mobile Home Park80174 MHP --188B
IESeven Hundred Island Way I80325 -6-110249B
IESeven Hundred Island Way II80326 -22-20249B
CSever Park80353 90-59-299B
CSeville No. 180354 -5-2300A
CSeville No. 280356 -5-57300A
CSeville No. 380358 -6-87300A
CSeville No. 480359 -7-56300A
CSeville No. 780366 -5-97300A
CSeville No. 880367 -8-34300A
CSeville No. 1180371 -10-67300A
CSeville No. 1280372 -22-98300A
CSeville No. 1480374 -12-8300A
CShadowlawn Sub80388 7-41-251B
CShady Oak Farms80390 80-95-234A
CSharp's Sub.80442 8-33-268B
CShelley Gardens Condo80565 -1-30290A
CShelley Gardens Unit 280568 -1-58290A
CShelley Gardens Unit 380571 -2-94290A
CShelley Gardens Unit 480573 -3-44290A
CSherwood Garden Apartments80680 71-92-270B
CSherwood Gardens80685 68-33-270B
CShore Oaks81810 8-35-295B
CShort & Short Sub.81855 87-61-289B
CSirmons Heights82188 35-8-296B
CSirmons Heights 1st Add'n82206 36-59-296B
IESkiff Harbor Townhouse82270 -48-38267B
IESkiff Point82271 -19-123267B
CSky Harbor Estates Corporation Condo82690 C/MHP-13-99300A 300B
CSkycrest Greens82630 67-14-270B
CSkycrest Greens 2nd Add'n82632 68-87-270B
CSkycrest Greens Addition82631 69-6-270B
CSkycrest Terrace82638 33-47-280B
CSkycrest Terrace 1st Add'n82656 34-52-280B
CSkycrest Terrace 2nd Add'n82674 34-65-280B
CSkycrest Unit 1 Replat Block B82386 26-67-288B
CSkycrest, Unit 182368 24-65-288B
CSkycrest, Unit 282404 28-3-288B
CSkycrest, Unit 382422 28-15-288B
CSkycrest, Unit 482440 28-23-288B 289A
CSkycrest, Unit 582458 28-28-289A
CSkycrest, Unit 682476 28-51-289A
CSkycrest, Unit 782494 30-18-289A
CSkycrest, Unit 882512 30-79-289A
CSkycrest, Unit 982530 30-80-289B
CSkycrest, Unit 1082548 36-36-289B
CSkycrest, Unit A82566 28-4-288B
CSkycrest, Unit B82584 28-24-288B 289A
CSkycrest, Unit C82602 28-30-289A
CSkycrest, Unit D82620 28-52-289A
C/PCSkyline Groves82710 44-22-254B
PCSloan's Acre82890 42-46-283A
CSmith, Leona Sub.83052 21-4-313B
CSofarelli's Replat83843 99-45-292A
C/PCSolar Crest83880 36-72-315A
CBSomerset, The83908 -41-29258A
PCSonia Terrace83916 19-34-265A
C/PCSouth Binghamton Park83970 12-81-251B
CSouth Gate Mobile Home Park84292 MHP --299B
C/PCSouth Haven Sub.84330 33-69-317B
CSouth Oaks Fashion Square84343 101-58-274A
CSouth Park84348 60-65-313B
PCSouthern Comfort Mobile Village MHP --255A
CSouthridge84384 61-45-323A
PCSouthwood, Unit 184546 59-15-316A
PCSouthwood, Unit 284564 60-85-316A
CSpencer Heights84753 66-102-297B
CSpottis Woode84790 81-57-295A
C/PCSpring Lake Estates84960 54-27-273B
CSpring Lake Heights Unit 184969 66-57-242A
CSpring Lake Heights Unit 284970 69-80-242A
CSpring Lake of Clearwater84975 90-91-242A
CSpringfield No. 185014 3-56-269A
CSpringfield No. 285032 4-23-269A
CSt. Andrews Cove 177871 -23-83280A
CSt. Andrews Cove 277872 -24-113280A
CSt. Michaels Sub77977 90-40-221A
CSt. Tropez Condo78442 -72-17178B
CSt. Tropez Condo II78443 -75-71178B
CSt. Tropez Condo III78445 -77-98178B
CSt. Tropez Condo IV78446 -78-49178B
CSt. Tropez Condo V78447 -79-15178B
IEStarboard Tower Clipper Cove85159 -31-2267B
CStarr And Saverys Add'n85176 H1-97-295B
CState Road No. 580 Professional Office Centre Condo85183 --222A
CStation Square Clearwater Condo LLC85185 --286B
CSteak-N-Shake No.185187 118-67-318A
CStevens Creek Subdivision85419 136-98-260B
CStevenson Creek Add85429 96-38-260A
PCStevenson Creek Sub.85428 21-83-260B
C/PCStevenson Heights85446 34-13-269B
CStewart Sub.85455 72-48-292A
CStorz Ophthalmics, Inc, Park Place85546 109-10-291A
CStudebakers85681 92-39-290B
CSub of S 1/2 of SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Sec 15, John Caylor85806 5-3-296A
C/PCSuban's Sub85716 40-32-261A
CSuburb Beautiful85950 13-61-297B
CSuburb Beautiful Replat - Block D85968 19-100-297B
PCSummer Place86401 97-15-210B
PCSun Glo Park86454 54-64-254A
CBSun Harbor86480 -76-90267A
CSun Ketch Townhomes at Lake Avenue86592 125-47-297B
CSun Ketch Townhomes at Lake Avenue Replat86595 126-58-297B
CSun View88432 117-48-260B
CBSun West Palms Condo88438 -144-97276A
CSunburst Court86364 13-46-259B 268B
PCSuncrest Terrace86400 35-72-315A
CSunfish Bay No. 186445 -16-13275A
CSunfish Bay No. 286446 -20-66275A
CSunfish Bay No. 3 Replat86447 -28-90275A
CSunfish Bay No. 486448 -26-14275A
CSunfish Bay No. 5 Replat86449 -31-81275A
CSunny Grove Trailer Park MHP --299B
C/PCSunny Park Groves86958 36-2-307A 315A
CSunnydale Sub.86778 31-12-251A
CSunset Coachman Center87665 84-81-263A
CSunset Coachman Center Amended87370 -70-5263A
CSunset Court87678 21-74-286B
C/PCSunset Gardens87696 41-6-316B
CSunset Grove Phase 187698 -17-114262B
CSunset Grove Phase 287702 -20-10262B
CSunset Highlands, Unit 187714 41-68-252A
CSunset Highlands, Unit 287732 41-70-252A
CSunset Highlands, Unit 387750 53-47-252A
CSunset Highlands, Unit 487768 61-43-252A
C/PCSunset Knoll Sub87912 24-26-251B
CSunset Lake Estates Unit 187930 46-57-252A 252B
CSunset Lake Estates Unit 287948 51-52-252A
CSunset Lake Estates Unit 387966 54-21-252B
CSunset Lake Estates Unit 487968 66-36-252B
CSunset Lake Manor87984 57-4-261B
CSunset Oaks88046 89-1-253A
CSunset Point88089 -61-120253B
CSunset Point 1st Add88110 5-95-260A
C/PCSunset Point Estates88146 39-67-254A
CSunset Point Replat88092 4-56-251A
CSunset Point Town Homes Condo88149 -136-77251A
CSunset Point, 2nd Add to Block "B"88128 8-14-251A 260A
CSunset Pointe of Clearwater88140 133-96-255B
CSunset Pointe Townhomes88147 131-37-254B
CSunset Ridge88164 11-91-260A
CSunset Ridge Unit 188182 54-23-252A
CSunset Ridge Unit 288200 61-55-252A
CSunset Ridge Unit 388201 67-24-252A
CSunset Square88237 90-4-261A
PCSunset Valley88245 42-54-283A
CSunset Woods88299 77-90-253A
CSunshine Apartments88319 127-3-296A 306A
PCSunshine Groves88344 40-13-323A
CSunshine Terrace88414 -78-55306A
CSunshine Towers "A" Replat88421 -6-82306A
CSunshine Towers "B" Replat88423 -6-84306A
CSunshine Towers "C"88425 -7-43306A
CSunshine Villas88424 -57-29306A
CSuntree Estates88429 78-99-253B
IESunwatch On Island Est. Condo88437 -118-38258B
BSupplee Manor Replat88452 24-100-305B
CBSurfside88465 -70-116258A
CityTNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CTack & Warren88974 21-48-287A
CTagarelli Sub88992 27-28-287B
PCTangelo Grove Village89577 81-5-212B
PCTanglewood Est.89752 75-25-179A
C/PCTemple Terrace90108 39-37-281A
C/PCTemple Terrace 1st Add'n90126 41-9-281A
CTennessee Terrace90144 11-85-314A
C/PCTerra Alto Estates90288 45-5-261A
CTerrace Lake Add'n90306 38-10-280B
CTimber Ridge of Countryside Unit 190980 72-90-211B
CTimber Ridge of Countryside Unit 290981 75-67-211B
CTinney's, J. B.91044 H Deed S-96-260A
CTooke's, H. E.91116 3-37-286B
CTooke's, H. E.91134 3-68-305B
CTown Centre91552 -73-59297B
CTowne Park Townhomes91553 89-55-297A
CTownhome Manors of Countryside Phase 191522 130-40-254B
CTownhomes at One Kapok Terrace91536 124-31-274A
CTownhomes of Northwood, The91564 113-55-233A
CTradewinds (Clearwater East)91660 -20-114292A
PCTrailer City MHP --321B
PCTrails of Countryside91668 90-49-177B
CTreetops at Druid Townhomes91984 130-28-299B
CTriad92019 132-71-297A
CTropic Hills Unit 192322 57-41-309B
CTropic Hills Unit 292340 58-5-309B
CTropic Hills Unit 392358 60-93-309B
CTropic Hills Unit 492376 61-76-309B
CTropic Hills Unit 592394 63-14-309B
CTurner Street Groves92664 15-91-296A
CTurner's Professional Park92650 100-13-299A
CTurners, 2nd Add'n92592 H1-37-295B
CTurners, 3rd Add'n92628 H1-53-295B
CTurners, A. C. Sub92574 Deed K-475-286B
CTurners, A.C. Add'n to Milton Park92610 3-65-305B
CTurtle Brooke92675 97-96-190A
C/PCTwin Lakes Trailer Lodge MHP --299A 299B
CTwin Oaks Sub.92808 5-50-268B
CityUNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
SKUltimar One93390 -107-43311B
SKUltimar Three93392 -117-1311B
SKUltimar Two93391 -110-66311B
CUnited Bank Plaza Condo93433 -127-91281A
CUniversity Park Unit 193456 55-14-298B
CUniversity Park Unit 293474 54-67-298B
SKUtopia Condo93555 -137-12303B
CityVNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CValencia Park Unit 193627 69-4-253A
CValencia Park Unit 293628 70-32-253A
CValencia Park Unit 393629 70-82-253A
CVarsity Estates93757 136-45-281B
CVelventos93837 106-87-178A
CVelventos West93838 127-98-178A
CVenetia Cove93872 132-27-259B
CVenetian Point93894 27-26-259B
CVenetian Shores Condo, Unit 193895 --259B
CViewpoint on The Bay94052 -53-95295A
CVilla del Mar of Clearwater Condo94040 -136-61259B
CBVilla del Sol of Clearwater Beach94063 128-28-276A
CVillage at Countryside, Rep. Lot 1, Parcel 4 Replat94099 108-55-221B 232B
CVillage at Countryside, Replat Parcel 394105 103-23-232B
CVillage at Countryside, Replat Parcel 494143 92-90-221B 232B
CVillage at Countryside, The94130 86-3-221B 232B
CVillage Court Professional Center94100 -59-103296B
IEVillage On Island Est Phase 194114 -35-12267B
Village On Island Est Phase 294114 -38-55267B
Village On Island Est Phase 394114 -42-28267B
Village On Island Est Phase 494114 -42-30267B
Village On Island Est Phase 594114 -42-32267B
Village On Island Est Phase 694114 -37-85267B
Village On Island Est Phase 794114 -38-57267B
Village On Island Est Phase 894114 -45-105267B
Village On Island Est Phase 994114 -55-79267B
Village On Island Est Phase 1294114 -55-81267B
Village On Island Est Phase 1394114 -46-107267B
CVillage On The Green94116 78-74-221A 232A
CVillage On The Green No. I, Tract C94119 -29-97221A 232A
CVillage On The Green No. II94120 -34-7221A
CVillage On The Green No. III Ph 1-3, 5, 7-1094121 -37-114221A
Village On The Green No. III Ph. 4, 694121 -41-117221A
CVillage On The Green Patio Homes94117 80-11-221A
CVillage, The94123 82-6-296B
CVillage, The 1st Partial Replat94128 73-100-296B
CVillas at Countryside Phase 194125 -42-41232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 394125 -52-46232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 4, 5 & 1094125 -45-115232B
CVillas at Countryside Phase 6, 11 & 1294125 -48-1232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 7, 8 & 994125 -44-78232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 1394125 -52-97232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 1494125 -55-18232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 1594125 -59-31232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 1694125 -62-68232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 1794125 -66-117232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 1994125 -76-6232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 2094125 -82-25232B
Villas at Countryside Phase 2194125 -89-100232B
CBVillas of Clearwater Beach94146 -60-108258A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 194151 74-20-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 294152 74-36-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 394154 74-42-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 3 Partial Replat94090 74-92-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 494159 74-51-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 594144 74-64-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 6A94166 -97-43254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 6B94167 -98-35254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 6C94168 -103-11254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 6D94169 -102-56254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 794164 74-76-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 894165 74-85-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 994091 74-96-254A
PCVillas of Lake Arbor Unit 1094092 98-15-254A
CVillas of Sunset Groves94139 81-65-262B
CVinings at Countryside, The94239 103-2-223A
C/PCVirginia Grove Terrace94320 37-29-264A 264B
C/PCVirginia Grove Terrace 1st Add'n94338 37-62-264A
C/PCVirginia Grove Terrace 2nd Add'n94356 37-73-264A
C/PCVirginia Grove Terrace 3rd Add'n94374 37-74-264A
C/PCVirginia Grove Terrace 4th Add'n94392 37-75-264A
C/PCVirginia Grove Terrace 5th Add'n94410 51-43-264B
C/PCVirginia Groves Est.94284 36-68-273B
C/PCVirginia Groves Est. 1st Add'n94302 47-41-273A
PCVirginia Terrace94464 11-43-322A
CityWNumberCodePB-PgCondoPB-PgTop of Page
CWalden Woods94545 70-49-252A
CWallace Addition94626 H3-6-295B
CWalset94667 113-67-262B 263A
CWashburn, Geo. F. Prop. of94896 5-23-286B
CWashington Square95055 -39-122290A
CWaterford Townhomes95081 127-11-309B 317B
CWaters Edge Townhomes95083 91-34-253A
CWaverly Manor Apt. Co-Op95204 CO-OP --287B
CWaverly Towers95229 -8-95287B
SHWeatherstone Sub.95320 91-96-234A
CWells, P. C. Sub.95922 21-77-313B
CWestbridge Condo96260 -125-65296B
PCWestchester96264 37-44-316A
CWestchester Lake96270 -72-44211A
CWestchester Lake Townhomes96272 107-3-211A
CWestchester Lake Townhomes Replat96271 108-96-211A
CWestchester of Countryside96273 70-44-200A 211A
CWestover Sub.96678 18-25-305B
CWhispering Oaks Apts.97016 -59-112314A
CWhispering Wings97065 122-24-244B
PCWilder Oaks97523 84-18-265A
L/PCWildwood97524 14-30-322A
CWildwood of Countryside97641 72-20-211B
CWildwood Villas Condo97645 -143-88313B
BWilladel Revised97758 20-56-305A
CWilliams, John Sub.97902 H5-2-269A
CWilliams, O. M.97938 6-81-296A
CWillow Brooke Condo (FKA Kings Highway Condo)98074 -89-101251B
CWillow Ridge Replat98110 71-98-253A
PCWinding Creek I98237 -22-39199B
PCWinding Creek II98238 -22-40199B
PCWinding Creek III98239 -39-99199B
PCWinding Creek IV98247 -43-99199B
PCWinding Creek V98254 -50-59199B
PCWinding Creek VI Phase 1,298261 -73-40199B
PCWinding Creek VII98269 -91-10199B
CWinding Woods I98240 -18-95222A
CWinding Woods II98241 -21-101222A
CWinding Woods III98242 -22-80222A
CWinding Woods IV98243 -22-114222A
CWinding Woods V98244 -23-56222A
CWinding Woods VI98255 -25-61222A
CWinding Woods VII98245 -25-26222A
CWinding Woods VIII98256 -26-99222A
CWinding Woods IX98257 -34-114222A
CWinding Woods X98258 -32-77222A
CWindsor Park98280 58-29-252B
CWindsor Park 1st Add'n98298 58-97-252B
CWindsor Park 2nd Add'n98316 60-34-252B
CWindsor Park 3rd Add'n98320 66-27-252B
CWindsor Woods98322 78-9-252B
CWindsor Woods II98321 93-90-252B
CWinwood98470 113-43-264A
C/PCWm. Browns, Bayview12312 H1-13-300B
CWoodgate of Countryside Unit 198725 70-13-232A
CWoodgate of Countryside Unit 298726 71-75-232A
CWoodgate of Countryside Unit 398727 72-96-232A
CWoodlake I98750 -19-39253B
CWoodland Villas Condo 198830 -33-46188B
CWoodlawn Oaks98932 131-100-314A
CWoodlawn Terrace I98941 -92-32314A
CWoodley Sub, R.H.98940 84-80-280B
CWoodmere Heights98946 45-45-279B
CWoodmont Park98964 43-69-261B
CWoodmont Park Estates98982 47-37-261B
CWoodmont Park Estates 1st Add'n99000 53-1-261B
CWoodsong99089 115-42-190A
CWoodvalley Unit 199099 68-30-273A 273B
CWoodvalley Unit 299100 68-45-273A
CWoodvalley Unit 399101 68-46-273B
CWoodvalley Unit 499102 68-31-273B
CWoodvalley Unit 599103 68-32-273B
CWynwoods Landing99200 88-36-167A 178A
CWynwoods Landing II99201 88-40-167A 178A
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CZephyr Gardens99666 14-22-261A
CZephyr Gardens Add.99667 121-28-261A
CZephyr Hill99684 24-88-314A