JULY 15, 2000

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Storm Event Summary

On July 15, 2000, between 5.2 and 7.6 inches of rainfall fell within the watershed over a 10-hour period. This storm event was approximately equivalent to a 10-year return period rainfall. Despite the drought-like conditions that preceded the storm, the intense rainfall resulted in several instances of localized flooding throughout the Stevenson Creek Watershed. The City has received valuable input from several Stevenson Creek residents concerning the flooding problems resulting from this storm.

After the waters receded, the City and Parsons ES documented high water elevations at 23 locations throughout the watershed. This information will be used in calibrating the hydrologic and hydraulic computer model. Below are  graphs of the rainfall and stream stage data collected on July 15th at the Drew Street and King’s Highway gaging sites.

Stevenson Creek at Clearwater Country Club


WQ station

Gage Installation in Spring Branch at King’s Highway

Kings Highway Gage Station

Kings' Highway Gage


Drew Street Gage Station

Drew St. Gage

Golf cart bridge (gaging site)

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