The public participation program for the Stevenson Creek Watershed Management Plan includes formal and informal public meetings. Three formal public meetings will take place at the completion of specific milestones. Informal meetings will communicate project objectives to stakeholders. The location and time for the third meeting will be announced in advance on this page.

Your input is important! You can provide input at meetings or with the feedback form. The City is interested in your observations of water quality, water supply, habitat, and flood control problems and your suggested solutions to these problems.

A public meeting was held at the Harborview Center on January 31, 2001. The purpose of the meeting was to present the results of the existing conditions analysis of the watershed, and to discuss the potential capital improvement projects to be included in the alternative analysis. The potential projects consist of a combination of upgrades to existing stormwater infrastructure, and construction of new stormwater detention/retention ponds in various locations throughout the watershed.

Approximately 70 residents of the watershed and other interested citizens attended the meeting. The format of the meeting was informal, allowing each attendee the opportunity to speak one-on-one with staff members from the City of Clearwater and Parsons Engineering Science, Inc. regarding the potential projects. Many of the attendees took the time to fill out comment sheets.

The overwhelming majority of the respondents spoke in favor of the potential projects. Many residents also provided valuable input that will be considered in the conceptual design of the projects. A third public meeting will be held (date to be announced) to discuss the results of the alternative analysis and the project priority rankings.

City of Clearwater
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(727) 562-4748
South West Florida Management District
Mr. Richard Mayer


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Public Information Meeting No. 1


Public Information Meeting No. 2


Public Information Meeting No. 3


Presentation to City Council


Presentation to SWFWMD & Basin Board No.1


Presentation to SWFWMD & Basin Board No. 2


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