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Residential Recycle & Grease Abatement Program

Cooking Oil Recycling Video

Image of Spat-Mat mascotThe intent of the Residential Recycle and Grease Abatement Program is to reduce fats, oils, and greases, or "FOG", in the sanitary sewer system. FOG causes buildups and blockages in the sewer system that can result in sewage backups in homes and businesses, or overflows into the environment.  FOG also impacts operations at the wastewater treatment plants.

The primary cause of FOG in the sewer system is the disposal of these materials down the sink and toilet. To help reduce fats, oils, and greases introduced into the wastewater system, Clearwater Public utilities will supply residents with a "FOG Spatula". The spatula will aid in scraping kitchen fats, oils, and greases from dishes, pots, and pans into a container for recycling, or for disposal as solid waste.

The clearing of stoppages resulting from disposal of fats, oils and grease down the drain requires physical removal of the materials using specialized equipment and many hours, resulting in increased costs to residents.

Using your spatula and a few simple swipes may keep you from paying costly plumbing bills related to FOG blockages in your own plumbing. Sewer stoppages and overflows into the environment will also be avoided. Please obtain and use the spatula to dispose of FOG properly.

Please see the brochure about FOG recycling opportunities. (Also available en Español).

F.O.G. recycling is available to you 24/7 at the Solid Waste Recycling Drop off Center, 1701 N Hercules Ave.

Thank you from your Public Utilities Department. For additional information you may call 562-4960