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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is reclaimed water safe?

A: Yes. Extensive treatment and disinfecting ensure that public health and environmental quality are protected. Reclaimed water must meet strict standards of quality established by the Florida Department Of Environmental Protection. Physical contact with reclaimed water is not known to have any negative effects. However, reclaimed water should never be used for consumption or sanitary purposes.

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Q: How often can I water with reclaimed water?

A: Every day, but no watering between the hours of 8:01 AM and 5:59 PM on any day.

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Q: How is reclaimed water service obtained?

A: In areas where there are reclaimed water distribution mains installed, 4 steps are required to obtain service: Fill out an application at the Clearwater Customer Service Office on the first floor of the Municipal Services Building at 100 S. Myrtle Avenue in Clearwater. Currently, there are no connection or application fees. After installation of the City service line, complete the connection of your existing private system to the City's point of connection. Until this time, the City's valve at the point of connection will be locked "off". When your connection is completed, call the Public Utilities Office at (727) 562-4960 to arrange for an inspection. You may obtain reclaimed water service upon correction of any deficiencies found during the initial inspection, and upon passing a final inspection.

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Q: Can I water my vegetable garden with reclaimed water?

A: Irrigation of edible crops that will be peeled, skinned, cooked or thermally processed before consumption is allowed. All others must be irrigated indirectly.

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Q: Does reclaimed water smell bad?

A: No, Reclaimed water has very little smell. The water is disinfected, so the only smell is a slight chlorine odor.

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Q: Will reclaimed water stain my home or sidewalk?

A: No, reclaimed water is clear, containing none of the minerals (such as iron) that cause stains.

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Q: Are there any plants that I should take precautions with when using reclaimed water?

A: Yes, you should not directly apply reclaimed water to Azaleas and other salt sensitive plants. Instead use a drip irrigation system, to get the water to the roots, instead of on the leaves.