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Groundwater Replenishment

Pilot & Demonstration

Image of waterThe City of Clearwater currently is in the pilot and demonstration phase of the Groundwater Replenishment Project. This phase includes the construction and operation of a small-scale version of the proposed water purification plant at the Northeast Water Reclamation Facility. The pilot, which went online June 3, 2013, takes reclaimed water and treats it using various purification processes to create purified water. This purified water is the proposed water to be injected back into the aquifer.

Monitoring and testing is a large part of this pilot and demonstration phase. The purified water from the pilot well will be tested on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Results are currently being gathered and will be analyzed now and throughout the pilot duration, which is expected to run for one year, through June 2014. The limestone cores will be tested for metals leachability using treated water from the pilot plant. The results of these tests will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment processes to prevent metals mobilization in the aquifer. A six-month recharge test using groundwater extracted from a freshwater zone of the Upper Floridan aquifer will be performed to collect data regarding the ability of the aquifer to accept the recharge water, and the travel time of injected water in the recharge zone.

The goal of the project is to see if it is viable to replenish the aquifer for future safe yields of groundwater for drinking water supply.