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Solid Waste Services

Recycling Services

Residential Garbage Collection

"Black Barrel" Garbage Container

  • Place garbage other than yard waste in container; close lid; be sure nothing hangs down sides of barrel.
  • Yard waste is recycled. Bag or box uncontaminated leaves and grass clippings; cut tree limbs and brush into four foot lengths and bundle. Place at curb, not in your black barrel or blue barrel.
  • Place container at curb no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on the night prior to collection day, and no later than 7:00 a.m. that morning.
  • Remove container from curb no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day following collection.
  • Place container within two feet of the curb with handle facing away from curb.
  • Do not place container within three feet of your recycling bin or other obstructions, i.e., mailboxes, parked cars, trees and guidewires.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your container clean. Wash it periodically with a hose and mild soap.
  • Drain and wrap wet garbage prior to placing in your container. Bag lightweight material (Styrofoam "peanuts," shredded paper, etc.)
  • Do not place the following items in your container: hot ashes, yard waste, concrete, electronics, dirt, sod, sand, plaster, carpeting, lumber, plasterboard, tile, bricks, roofing shingles or any other construction, remodeling or demolition debris.
  • It is illegal to dispose of the following materials in your container: tires, auto batteries, pool chemicals, toxic or flammable items or liquid paint. Paint cans will get crushed and leak onto your streets. Leave lids off latex paint cans to allow the paint to dry out, or saturate with newspaper, then place in container.
  • Oil-based paint, other chemicals, and electronics must be disposed of at the County's Household Electronics & Chemical Collection Center, or at scheduled mobile chemical collection events. Call (727) 464-7500 for information.

* The solid waste truck is on a scheduled route, and cannot return if container is not put out as described above.

Residential Container Maintenance

If your container is damaged:

  • Contact the Solid Waste Department at (727) 562-4920 and report the type of damage or repair required and give the service address of your residence.
  • Containers needing repair or replacement must be emptied, washed out and placed at the curb.
  • The City is not responsible for repair or replacement of containers at no charge when damage is caused by abuse or negligence.

If your container is stolen or vandalized:

  • Call the City of Clearwater Police Department at (727) 562-4200 as soon as possible. Request a police report number for reference.
  • Call the Solid Waste at (727) 562-4920 and give the supervisor your police report number and service address.
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Image of front loader in actionCommercial Collection Service

Businesses and organizations supplied with Dumpsters should follow these guidelines:

  • Dumpsters that are visible at ground level from any public right-of-way or adjacent property must be concealed in a gated enclosure with a reinforced concrete pad. Enclosures must be constructed so the Dumpster is accessible to users and refuse collection trucks, and must conform to City of Clearwater specifications. For assistance or questions, call (727) 562-4920.
  • Do not block Dumpster enclosures with vehicles or other obstructions.
  • Do not overload containers or place objects on top of closed lids.
  • Cut pipes or boards into short lengths so they will not stick out of, or become wedged in, the container.
  • Do not place the following materials in the container: concrete, dirt, sod, sand, plaster or other heavy building materials, electronics, paint, tar, hot ashes, flammable, hazardous or biomedical waste, auto batteries and tires.
  • Drain and wrap wet garbage prior to placing in the container.

The Solid Waste Department offers a commercial recycling program, collecting corrugated cardboard and other materials from businesses (see Recycling). Call (727) 562-4930 for information.

Commercial Container Service and Repair

Call the Solid Waste Department at (727) 562-4920 to report containers needing service or repair.

Please provide the ID number painted on the container's front, and the service address. Describe type of damage or service needed. Ensure container is easily accessible on day of scheduled repair or service.

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Private Hauler Permits

Pursuant to section 32.288 of the city ordinance; a sole proprietor or corporate entity placing or servicing a roll-off container or waste receptacle for the purpose of collecting, removing or disposing of construction debris, whether commercial or residential in nature, or putrescible waste generated by commercial establishments shall be required to procure a permit to legally continue such business activity without penalty.

The department provides private hauler permits for recovered materials. Permit forms are provided below. For more information, please contact Deborah Moore at 727-562-4937.

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Image of a roll-off vehicle in actionRoll-Off Service

The Solid Waste Department provides complete roll-off service for all 10 to 40 cubic yard open-top containers and compactors. We offer competitive rates and prompt, professional service. For more information, call (727) 562-4920 or request Roll-off Service online.

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Solid Waste Special Services

In addition to twice-weekly garbage collection, the Solid Waste Department provides for the collection of yard waste and scrap metal (see Recycling), bulk debris and miscellaneous household items. All such discarded material should be placed at the curb on your trash day, not in your black barrel. It should be placed out no earlier than 48 hours in advance of a scheduled pick-up and should not present a health or safety hazard to the general public.

Place in separates piles as follows:

  • Yard waste
  • Household appliances, steel, aluminum and any other metal products
  • Miscellaneous - furniture, beds, etc. (Small items such as dishes, lamps, clothing, etc., should be bagged or boxed.)

The Solid Waste Department's "Jaws" or grapple truck is equipped with a clam bucket attached to a hydraulically-operated boom with a 400 lb. weight capacity. Its purpose is to collect bulk debris that is too heavy to be picked up by a solid waste worker, or too large for standard rear end loader collection. Debris placed at the curb for collection by this truck should be placed in an area free from obstructions (overhead wires, trees, poles or mailboxes). Logs over 4" in diameter and tree stumps should be kept separate from other yard waste and will be picked up by this "Jaws" truck. Call (727) 562-4920.

Image of Jaws or grabble truck"Jaws" or Grapple Trucks

The Solid Waste Department's trucks are subject to weight limits. Therefore, if you will be generating heavy debris from remodeling or construction work that requires a City permit, please call the Solid Waste Department at (727) 562-4920 for information on our roll-off service.

All debris generated within the City by a yard maintenance contractor (tree surgeon, landscaper or other) must be removed by the contractor and disposed of legally or used by the property owner as mulch or firewood, or other domestic use. -- City Ordinance 6391-99, Sec. 32.282(1). (See Solid Waste Ordinance)

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Residential Recycling

Do More Blue
Single Stream Recycling Program

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Commercial Recycling

The City of Clearwater offers a Commercial Recycling Program to all city businesses. Recyclables collected from businesses are corrugated cardboard, newpaper, mixed paper, aluminum and steel cans, and #1 and #2 plastic bottles (no caps please).

90-gallon semi-automated carts and/or Dumpsters are provided, and rates vary depending on container size and frequency of pick-up. In every case, recycling will result in savings over the solid waste rates.

Commercial customers interested in recycling can call 727-562-4933 for further information.

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Image of drop-off centerRecycling Drop-Off Center

The following materials can be taken to the City's recycling drop-off center at the City of Clearwater Solid Waste Complex, 1701 N. Hercules Ave., Clearwater:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel (tin) cans
  • Newspaper and its inserts
  • #1 and #2 plastic bottles (no caps)
  • Corrugated carton cardboard*
  • Mixed Paper

*This material is not collected curbside at this time.

Cooking oil/grease may also be brought to our drop-off center.

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Recycling Special Services

Yard Waste Recycling

Yard waste is converted into weed-free mulch at the Pinellas County mulching facility. It is then offered back free to citizens at the Solid Waste Complex, 1701 N. Hercules Ave., and at Moccasin Lake Nature Park, 2750 Park Trail Lane.

Recycling Public Education Program

Informational and promotional material on recycling, waste reduction and buying recycled is available to Clearwater citizens and customers. Speeches and presentations are given on request to schools, businesses and civic organizations. Recycling displays are set up at community events and fairs. Call (727) 562-4933 for more information.

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Grease Recycling

Effective April 1, 2009, the city launched its new Grease Recycling Program. This new program makes it easy for residents to properly dispose of household and cooking fats, oils, and greases that can cause serious, costly sewer problems by creating blockages in pipes.

Participation in the grease recycling program is free and easy. Here's how:

  • Place leftover cooking greases, frying oils, meat drippings, and bacon fats in a non-recyclable container like a coffee can or glass jar.
  • Bring the grease and oils to the city's recycling drop-off center at 1701 N. Hercules Ave.
  • Pour the contents of your container into our large barrel on-site. This center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Grease recycling is available on a drop-off basis only. Due to limited resources, there currently is no curbside pick-up of oils for recycling.

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