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Think Green! logoCity Initiatives - Streetscaping

Keeping Our Roadways Beautiful

City of Clearwater, Adopt-A-Street
The Public Utilities Department coordinates the Adopt-A-Street Program. The Adopt-A-Street program has removed approximately 650 pounds of litter from rights-of-ways just in the last six months of this year. In recognition of the Adopt-A-Street participants' continuous support of this program, the department presents an annual award to an Adopt-A-Street participant for his or her efforts in keeping the City of Clearwater sparkling clean.

Image of Adopt-A-Street signThe program has been running strong since 1997, thanks to the help of dedicated volunteers from business, industrial, civic, youth, and non-profit organizations. The program encourages organizations to adopt an area of roadway about one mile in length, with residential and commercial use for litter control every other month.

Contact Public Utilities for a complete package of the guidelines, procedures, and contract agreement. Program application fees for groups are $10. Adopters pay $25 for each sign to help offset the cost of the program.

State of Florida, Adopt-A-Highway
The State of Florida's Department of Transportation offers an Adopt-A-Highway program. To learn more, please visit their Web site.

Keep Pinellas Beautiful, Several Adoption Programs
Keep Pinellas Beautiful, a not-for-profit organization with which the city has formed a partnership, has several additional adoption programs for Pinellas roadways, shores, and highways. To learn more or sign up for one of these programs, visit the Keep Pinellas Beautiful Web site, or call (727) 533-0402.

Littering & Illegal Dumping

The city works hard to ensure that residents know how to properly dispose of litter and wastes, to protect the integrity of our environment. No person in city limits is allowed to throw, place, or deposit any solid waste in any ditch, stream or body of water. If so, it could be carried or deposited by wind or rain onto any street, sidewalk, alley, sewer, parkway or other public place, or into any occupied premises within the city, thus polluting our environment. The Code Compliance division enforces this ordinance.

To learn more about the proper ways to dispose of trash and litter, visit the Solid Waste & General Services Department's Web pages.

Cleveland Street project logoStreetscaping Projects

Streetscaping projects improve an area's livability and quality of life. One of the city's biggest endeavors last year was the Cleveland Streetscaping project. One of our prime investments in downtown, this $10.21-million project began in June 2006 and was completed in December 2007. It has beautifully transformed four blocks of Cleveland Street from the bluff to East Avenue and has brought a new pedestrian-friendly ambiance to the area. Several palm trees and shrubberies enhance the downtown's environmental "look and feel." New residential projects and business opportunities are popping up throughout the downtown area and are a direct result of the streetscaping project's success. Downtown is now more beautiful than ever.

Street Sweeping

The Stormwater Maintenance division of Engineering routinely sweeps residential areas twice each year, to keep debris from getting into the storm drainage system. Many drains outfall to the bay, and the street sweeping program is just one of the ways the city tries to prevent objects other than stormwater from washing into drainage openings. Neighborhoods with heavy tree canopies or deteriorating curbs that can easily collect soil and debris sometimes require more frequent sweeping. Commercial areas, including the beach and downtown are swept weekly. For information about street sweeping, call (727) 562-4748.

Image of a no littering signDrain Signage Program to Discourage Littering

Public works teams within the Stormwater Maintenance division of Engineering have begun a stenciling campaign to mark street drains that go directly to the bay, warning pedestrians not to dispose of any object on the street that could enter the drainage system. Since many storm drains lead directly to the bay, it is important to prevent objects other than stormwater from washing into drainage openings. Substances such as detergents, motor oil, or grass clippings that may contain pesticides can harm our water resources and should never be washed into these drains. The city encourages proper disposal of trash, yard wastes, and other refuse. To report improper disposal of any materials into drains in your area, call (727) 562-4748.