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62 Plus Program

Utility Customer Service offers a program to assist senior citizens, and customers who are disabled and on a fixed income, avoid late payment charges on their City of Clearwater utility bills.

Sometimes the past due of the utility bill does not coincide with receipt of a monthly Social Security, retirement, or disability check. This may result in a late payment charge billed to their account. To assist those customers, Utility Customer Service offers the 62 Plus Program.

With 62 Plus, the regularly scheduled past due date can be adjusted to accommodate receipt of fixed income retirement or disability payments. For example, if a senior or disabled customer, receives the Social Security/disability/retirement check on the 3rd of each month, and their City of Clearwater utilities bill is normally past due after the 28th of the month, the 62 Plus extends the past due after date to the 8th of the month, allowing the customer the necessary time to receive their monthly check and pay their City of Clearwater utility bill without incurring a late payment charge.

It's easy to apply for 62 Plus Program:

  • Just complete an application form certifying that you are at least 62 years of age, or disabled, and that you are on a fixed income (Social Security, Disability, Retirement)
  • Provide identification - Social Security Number, Driver License Number, or State ID Number
  • Provide documentation of your income (The letter you receive from the Social Security Office that shows your monthly income or your Disability or Retirement papers are sufficient)
  • Indicate on what date you receive your monthly income check (or direct deposit) each month

It's that easy. Please call Utility Customer Service at 562-4600 for additional information or stop by our office, located on the 1st floor of the Municipal Services Building 100 South Myrtle Avenue.

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